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A browser that encompasses everything you would want all together in one

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CometBird

Release: CometBird 11.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I finally found a browser that lets you combine all of your favorite things in one convenient location.]


  • Your bookmarks should be taken with you. Wherever you go, wherever you are, use this browser, and your most important bookmarks are available anywhere you can get online. Think of the time saved not having to start over and search again a topic you have been working on already. Think about how much more time that you will save with your job and other opportunities for your family, friends, and yourself. There is no other browser that can match this innovation.
  • Have you ever wanted to save a video to your personal file that you saw online? Instead of relying on multiple 3rd party software, with this browser, you can save them to your PC by simply using the onboard tools. Save time, be more efficient, make great presentations, enjoy videos later, show friends and family later using this one of a kind feature found only on Comet Bird. There are no other browsers that offer this built-in feature.
  • Imagine being able to read a website that is in a different language, instantly translated with Cometbird. Just use the hover feature, and the word will be translated. With the onboard tools you can record notes on the particular page or site that you're reading as well so you can reference it as time goes on. There is no longer a need to translate on another website.
  • It is faster and more convenient to use. Rather than opening a new window, you go to the previous tabs, which in turn saves resources and memory.
  • Worried about safety? With Cometbird, the antivirus will be enabled or off, and every time your antivirus does its job, it does nothing wrong. Our browser controls malware on a customizable basis.

To conclude, I recommend Cometbird for those who need a browser with features such as video downloading, word translation, pop-ups and ads blockers, virus and bookmark storage, online ad blocking and more built in and all in one place.

A fast, easy, safe and secure way to check Facebook auto.Adds syncing features, customizable custom settings, private viewing areas and powerful ad blocking features.
CometBird 4.0 (12.58 MB)
CometBird 8.0 (14.35 MB)
CometBird 9.0.1 (14.75 MB)
CometBird 11.0 (15.44 MB)
Drew Moyer
New browsers appear very hard for us to compete in, especially in the mobile market. In most browsers, I have the option of adding the favorite search options. Another feature that caught my attention was how videos could be saved directly from the internet without having to be edited by third party software. To me, that alone would make this web browser worthy of use.
In addition to its amazing capability, CometBird should not be a concern if you are unfamiliar with other browsers in the mainstream. It is worth noting that CometBird's feature is unique because it allows you to share a recording from your website directly through the video browser. Even other browsers with open interfaces, though, can access this functionality by doing something like this with plugin (there are many out there already). If you want a browser that is relatively unpopular, CometBird is your option. For anyone who wants unlimited plugins and accessories, and full functionality, try Opera Mini. To be true, anything else will do.
Joseph Rosser
My bookmarks were just a total mess before I received this little tool. Thanks to this tool I have been able to organize all of my bookmarks quite easily since it is quite handy.
Apache Web Browser - Comet Bird The use of integrated web searches and e-mail programs.Our ons manager appears that colored tabs are good as an easy web search tool because its use is flexible and means that we can access it on any website, even if they are greyed out, allowing us to understand what we are searching for. Browser bookmark options from CometBird are synced with those of other bookmarks. When I use bookmark options, I appreciate that very much.
it can be used as an alternative to firefox, but it's not recommended, due to the security features in Firefox 11 that make it significantly more secure than this software.
Through CometBird for Windows, users have the ability to have access to their bookmarks at any time, which is achieved through a password manager and smart address bars, which ensure automatic logging in. In addition to providing a secure, private browsing experience for its users, the software employs strong protection techniques so they are assured of being protected online.
In addition to being highly secure, fast, and completely free, Cometbird Web is also the fastest, least disruptive, and least complicated application available in the market;; You will find uncommonly arranged highlights that will have a significant impact on your Web use. All the pieces you would need all rolled into one program. Working framework: Windows. Distributer: CometBird. Discharge: CometBird 11.0. Windows 10, 7, and 8 users may try this free application in its initial preview.1 from Down10.Software. Typically, there are other, more diverse internet browsers than just Firefox for you to pick from. CometBird is an open-source Mozilla Firefox design that was developed at this time. There is an item similar to this one available on BitComet.
synchronization my bookmarks with all my browsers seems to be the first thing that makes me want to click away. Whenever I switch browsers I always find that I have only bookmarked one. Speed, efficiency, and patience are all factors in my work, so I'm unable to do my best due to it both slowing me down and frustrating me. The included anti-piracy system is another plus for me.Virus protection. For instance, using the built-in translator could be invaluable.
Though I use only CometBird, I still use it occasionally. A really good option to use if you need video from the Internet for editing is the Internet Video Software Explorer. The device is safe, easy to use, and fast to install. Those who prefer using simplified user interfaces may find it easier to use, because it has a classic look and feel.
There are many features available in CometBird. Viruses are being protected against using this program with its built-in performance. A feature of this program allows you to hover your mouse over a word in another language and have it translate it for you automatically. This browser will allow you to easily log in on any device to your account and access your favorite bookmarks. It's a good idea to give this browser a try.
Bookmarks are kept safe by the bird comet. The program is also used to save the sound of movies. Unlike other products, it works very well in all systems and is easy to install. Every open tab is highlighted with a thumbnail. As for creating tabs as the Fire Fox does, it doesn't seem to be able to do so very well.
BetterPrivacy for Firefox logo
There should be no hidden super cookies. They are serious risks to your data.
pdfit for Firefox logo
There is no need to worry about converting a website into PDF or image files because of PDFIT.
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A user-You can install a browser utility without turning on the hardware.
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With this, you are able to download videos from the websites that interest you.
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Removes the incognito function in your browser when done.