by Alex Sirota

Allows for the customization of pixels for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alex Sirota

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Last revision: Last week

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ColorZilla is a convenient tool for web developers and designers, allowing you to recognize the color code of any pixel or group of pixels on any open web page. You may install this extension on the browser systems for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

With the help of ColorZilla you can quickly learn the color of any element of the design of your favorite site, without leaving your browser. By using this tool, you not only can use a single selected color for your projects, but also can tell the exact color regardless of the monitor's calibration whether or not you have selected the selected color.

It is simply a matter of clicking on the ColorZilla icon in your browser that you will be able to begin using this tool. In the following step, you have a drop-off.In the menu below, you can see how the program performs different functions. As soon as the cursor moves from the menu, a color panel with hexadecimal (HEX) and RGB representations is displayed on top of the browser, and further information about the size and display will appear below. A hover over item determines its selection as long as you hold down the left mouse button. Picked Color History saved the HEX Color values, so that the colors were saved in alphabetical fashion. Right-You finish working with a tool after clicking on it for a second time.

Through the drop-down menu, the program performs its main functions.down menu:

A lot of graphic editors still do not know that color selection can be performed with the Page Color Picker. The closest analogue is the Pipette tool, for most graphic editors that is.

Color Picker is a visual color selection tool that presents a palette of colors with color gradations, where you can change the selected color, change the brightness and place the color in the archive;

Copy to Clipboard - It gives you the choice of several color views and allows you to copy color values to your clipboard. A graph that shows RGB as a constant and as percentages such as rgb(93%, 93%, 93%), hsl(0, 0%, 93%) and hsl(0,0, ); *RGB with absolute values such as 238, 239.

Color Picker History Picked Color History - There are all selected colors here; they are saved together.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use program for displaying all colors on a web page;;

This can be done by using a few other tools as well.

It is also possible to automate calling the program quickly by setting up a hotkey.

- Getting the color that appears to be a pixel within the browser window.

- Quite simple to set up; Very easy with the use of the hand.

- Chrome or Mozilla Firefox); and others.

- The color palette of the web page;

- Saving selected colors; saving the selected colors;

- The selection item's name, class, ids and sizes can be displayed; the items identification number, class identifiers, and size can be displayed.

- To automatically copy color values to an automatically copies color values to the clipboard;

- There is possibility of creating several color copies of same color to the buffer.

- The ability to assign a hotkey ttiplet;

- A color choice can be made in Flash or dynamic elements.

As a web designer or developer, color can be taken care of easily using ColorZilla. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are both supported by the extension. By using this feature, you can determine any element's color quickly and without having to leave the page you like. This app is easy to use. Browsers have been identified with the ColorZilla icon.
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