by Abelssoft

Data is securely stored in text encryptors.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Abelssoft

Release: Codify 2016

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Codify is a quick and easy encryption app, that message recipients don't need to pay to use. In order to decrypt a message using the free version of the software, recipients need their password/encryption key. The Pro version must be used if your file encryptement is needed.

Codify works on encrypting a range of text and files, from Microsoft Word and PDF Documents to email attachments. Codify accepts the form of typing or copy-and-paste on the user interface to enter text. To decrypt the text, recipients just copy and paste the encrypted message, and enter their password.

Codify offers a list of passwords to choose from for encrypting the data. Each- can be assigned a unique number within Codify.A window interface that uses little system resources to access the display screen. In general, Codify is not a restrictive application and can be used outside of personal or company computers as long as users do not gain access to passwords through them. By selecting a password that Codify already has in place or selecting your own, your data will be saved in Codify.

Codify uses AES-With this encryption system, the NSA will be able to crack AES-crack. Previously, they couldn't crack it.Among the top-end encryption methods, 256 encrypt is considered reasonable.American intelligence documents that are classified as secret.

There are two ways in which Spotify can be installed. standard and portable. Codify can now be installed via USB sticks via the portable installation.

About 15 files make up the Codify setup, which is divided into 26 subfolders.12 MB. As of January 2019, Codify is most commonly used with Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10. In terms of the number of users, roughly 60% of Codify users are located in Germany, founded by Abelssoft GmbH. In addition to the United Kingdom and the United States, Codify is very popular.

One-click encryption and decryption

  • One-click encryption
  • Recipients only need free version to decrypt messages
  • Algorithm approved for encrypting classified government documents
  • Works on any text-based data
  • List of potential encryption passwords

Codify is also known as a name that is commonly used by business software developers, which can confuse them.

This text-safe program allows users to create text virtually anywhere using Windows as it is incredibly easy to create safe and secure text. With Codify also comes incredible capabilities that go beyond. edit text quickly while encryptting them yourself without any further encryption knowledge. Codify along with the passcode are all that's needed to crack the text.
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