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CMake is a cross-platform free and open-source software tool for managing the build process of software using a compiler-independent method

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You can use Cmake with different languages.This platform utility facilitates the building out of the program by using the finished source code itself. Eclipse, KDevelop3, CodeBlocks, Xcode, and VC++ are also supported in this utility. Most projects are created as a control file.

Working with the program is as follows: first, the file CMakeLists.txt is created. For instance, this file describes the building parameters and where and what external modules are required. Next, a file from Cmake will be created containing detailed build instructions for each specific program, which you can download from Cmake. The main feature of the application is that the description of the process of building the program, which is located in the file CMakeLists.The file locations, the ability to build with it, as well as the abilities of the software (e.g. runtime, GPU, image) make txt ideal for all system requirements. For a user that is reading this to perform a build process based on the description in CMakeLists, it is time to consider the CMakeLists field.CMake takes account of all settings of the system using txt, which is convenient for both users and developers alike. It is not unusual for such utility characteristics to be attributed to the fact that it is written in the powerful scripting language that resides in modules (special scripts) and in CMakeLists itself.txt. In addition to system check, file search, and other functions, it is possible due to application modules.

- Most of the files you save don't need to be there. It has one project per file;; er contains one project;

- The process of operation is relatively quick.

- user-friendly interface;

- an understandable syntax;

- A program that automatically adjusts to a specific system in response.

The .Each sh file consists of a unique ZIP file, which self-extracts. To install the app, follow these steps.For instructions, follow the instructions for running sh with /bin/sh.
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