Clownfish for Skype

by Shark Labs

Translate your Skype messages in real-time, allowing recipients to read messages in their language of choice

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shark Labs

Release: Clownfish for Skype 4.56

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Clownfish for Skype is a program with the primary function of giving users translating functionality. You can choose the language of incoming messages on this software, as well as sending and receiving them. Furthermore, it functions with spell correction ve further functionality tools such as spell-check, or text-to-enhances the use of Skype as well as its functionality.


  • In addition to providing additional security and privacy, it provides the option of encrypting messages.
  • The user can record their audio calls by using voice call recording.
  • Voice changer works by adjusting the pitch and voice features as users speak through a phone.
  • Messages with outgoing text sent or incoming text; there are various text to speech options.

Clownfish for Skype has the primary function of giving users the ability to translate their Skype messages, but also comes with other tools and benefits that improve the usability of Skype, for voice calls and conversations. Besides recording calls, and changer for voice sounds, Skype will give users some privacy and security to record or hide conversations. Skype's ability to offer such tools, along with those of the software, is welcome for users who prefer to converse with others using Skype. Software like Clownfish for Skype offers a wide range of intuitive features. It can work on any Windows device running Skype, and can work with multiple versions of the messaging network. By using Skype without errors or slowdowns, it is easy to run as well as it isn't a computer intensive program. Among other things, the Skype software includes lots of tools and features for use by multiple Skype users. Text is turned into a spell checker when you have spell checking of Skype who wish to send and receive text messages through other Skype users may find that this program is particularly valuable.

The software is helpful in capturing voice calls so they're easy to trace.
Gizem Zambezi
This is incredibly useful, especially for companies with large foreign populations. A majority of companies nowadays use Skype for business not only domestically, but also globally, to make communication between staff members. If use of this tool effectively eliminates translator costs and reduces communication time in half, i might think it can be very beneficial for organizations who are concerned about keeping to budgets. I love it!
Sam Bird
Use of clownfish with Microsoft Windows 2000 is allowed. Windows 10. Through a wide selection of highly regarded and well supported search engines, you can choose from a wide variety of languages. There is a quality text to speech service, fixed greetings, and artificial intelligence talking robots, among other features included in the app. There are constant improvements and additions to it.
One of the useful features in Clownfish for Skype is the ability to chat with a lot of people whose first language is not English. If you have content you want to transmit over Skype, including video, then this program will help you to translate any correspondence between you. Text for example is there --to-This also allows you to talk to a computer with spell-caster functioncheck.
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