by EJIE Technology

A versatile and simple mobile payment software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EJIE Technology

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Clover is a small but useful program that allows you to add tab support to Windows Explorer functions. Conductor jackets are now designed to be more comfortable, as well as enabled to quickly switch between windows and between rooms. The style of the Clover shell is similar to that of the Google Chrome browser tabs. As a result, most users should find it to be pleasant to use and easy to navigate. As a principle of method for the recording of phone calls, Clover's method incorporates both intercepting and running them back at the conductor in modified form. It is not a factor that negatively affects the system's overall performance when the application is used.

To work with folders and the contents stored in them remains the same process - but an in-line tab appears instead of a new window being opened. As well as dragging between tabs, you can move the files and folders between them.n-Drop function. As an alternative, you can drag a folder from a new tab to the context menu or use the tab bar to open it. The work space can accommodate a variety of configurations, such as new tabs or changing tabs from previous ones. A major advantage of Clover is its support for bookmark panels, which simplify the processing of files.

- There is a resemblance between the Google Chrome browser's interface and that of the Google Chrome browser;

- More than doubles the comfort of working with Windows;

- Folder can be accessed quickly by bookmarks panels ;

- Using an application with high speed.

You can use Clover for Windows as a tool if you find that you have too many desktop folders to manage yourself. You can quickly transfer folders from one folder to another when you use Clover's tools to Organize and Switch Between Different Groups by Using Your Mouse Using Tabs.
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