by CloudBuckit

A desktop application that connects all of your cloud storages and FTP servers in one place

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CloudBuckit

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With the CloudBuckit application, users can access information stored on clouds and networks faster, easier and with less hassles. The application supports the most popular cloud services (Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox, Picasa, OneDrive), allows you to exchange files via FTP (including FTPS, SFTP), HTTP (supported by WebDav) and even encrypted HTTPS protocol.

Using CloudBuckit you can comfortably work with files and folders in the cloud. The program includes several other features as well (viewing, editing, copying, moving, creating, deleting, renaming), including how to back up, compare, back up, move, merge, merge, restore and restore your data and synchronize your files all at once. In addition to performing all the mentioned functions, the program will make it easily adaptable by changing the schedule. You can also share information with other users via additional tools, allowing them to view individual folders and files on your network and cloud drives. The users can also be linked, sent by mail or posted publicly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, VK or Weibo (like comments).

The user interface in CloudBuckit is intuitive and very easy to utilize. it, you'll have access to all your information at any time (online or offline), from any Internet connected device.

The application supports single administration, allowing easy control over the application, and allows you to securely share files to be accessed on any device without being connected to a VPN or server. Additionally, you do not have access restrictions to email messages or bandwidth. The software also helps protect against ransomware by detecting them promptly,remediation quickly, and recovering their data. Consequently, it does not serve a useful purpose in the end.
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