Clipboard Manager (Clipa.Vu Desktop)

by Clipa.Vu

A clipboard manager is a computer program that adds functionality to an operating system's clipboard

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Clipa.Vu

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Simple to use, Clipboard Manager manages various files, as well as organizes documents.You can now work with a Windows clipboard with Clipboard Manager. You will not miss a thing. Clipboard Manager offers significant updates in terms of function. You can edit and copy the content of items while using this gadget.

It will allow you to save and display more than two dozen last items you sent out via the clipboard once you download. If you have more than two dozen last items, just click on the gadget, select and press OK. With any one of them open at any time, you can turn it in and choose another. A few of the items saved in the buffer can be cleaned using Clipboard Manager. The preview version of the application can be used for quicker access to the features.

By using this software, you can not only add and remove items that you use most frequently from your clipboard but can add the most frequently used items into your favorite list. The built-in customizable filter avoids saving unwanted texts, images or URLs to the clipboard.

The gadget adapts perfectly to any desktop. The flexible appearance adjustment systems on this wall allow you to make it suit the most vibrant wallpaper styles. You can install Clipboard Manager either on your desktop or in the sidebars of Windows XP, Vista, and 7 by selecting this option. To install the application, just download the file, then run it onto your computer to confirm your consent and confirm your installation. Adding the gadget to your library is automatic.

- It is free to use a clipboard gadget.

- The ability to memorize, display text, screenshots, and images (220).

- user-friendly interface;

- Induct several kinds of variants into the design;

- a built-in filter;

- the preview function;

- It is possible to save an item as your favorite;

- This program does not require installation.

It lets me quickly and easily copy and paste a wide array of texts and images in a single transaction. The Clipboard Manager is very simple, intuitive, and easy to use. All I need to do is look for the key and I have my work done. Also, my favorites can also be saved for reuse so I can keep track of what I like most about the program.
You'll need this software for managerial tasks.The Windows clipboard, as well as a gadget that works with it, is an important tool for people, who work very much with sheets of paper on hand. By using it, you can get your details taken care of much quicker and save more time.
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