by MacPaw Inc

A software designed to scan and optimize one's PC for better performance overall

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MacPaw Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CleanMyPC is a large set of tools to clean up your system and simplify some of your daily tasks. When you launch the application for the first time, you'll notice an impressive interface right away. The way the graphic shell was taken into account is impressive.You do not have the ability to focus on yourself when you use it. But still, appearance is not the most important thing, so let's talk about how CleanMyPC will make your life easier. As well as a normal collection of functions, such as trash file removal, clearing the registry, and removing traces of staying on the network, the application is also capable of finding and wiping out useless help files and other language packs that aren't in use. It also makes a list of suspicious programs and files which leads to system security being increased when viewed through complex analysis.

But that's not all. With an installed installation, CleanMyPC provides a number of services that will ensure the autoload list is updated with an imperceptible one-minute delay.If you would like to suggest an article for the basket or wish to select it there, click that option. Besides removing programs and individual files,CleanMyPC allows you to customize it, adding shortcut keys and a widgets section to make it work better.

- By enabling this feature you can delete logging files;

- The program and language packs that are not used are erased;

- The issue of trash files and extra registry keys;

- It allows you to remove all programs that leave trail; does this by wiping them clean? ;

- Features tools for managing autoload and widget loading.

Have you ever wished you knew why your computer was taking so long or had so much junk ve that feeling of not knowing why your PC is slow or full of unwanted files? CleanMyPC makes keeping a PC cleaner much more accessible and easy by offering a full range of clean options you can find on any aspect of it. Besides cleaning it, it is also able to monitor when PC problems arise.
I usually get all the reasons mentioned for the inability to run computer, having no space, and my computer bulging with so much stuff I don't need. By using CleanMyPC you can clean every aspect of your PC on demand. has the least protection against viruses but monitors your computer and makes an alert to you if it is defective.! I recommend this software to all of you.
It is a very good tool for cleaning our computer systems and PCs of outdated files.It really works at all levels.A lot of files take up a lot of space on the desktop, it says.A total of more than 100 registry entries were found and it was able to fix them very quickly by uninstalling programs and managing extensions.
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