Classic Shell

by Ivo Beltchev

Retrosizing the user interface and themes of previous Windows versions is an important part of the job.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ivo Beltchev

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Classic Shell is a functional recovery program that has been removed from the latest versions of Windows 8 and 10. In addition to a classic Start menu, and toolbar, Windows Explorer returns a host of smaller options as well.

The Classic Shell's classic start menu has the following features:

Location of your applications can be improved by dragging and dropping; ;

Ondisplaying Favourites and unfolding the Control Panel options, etc.

A recent document displayed on the page. In addition, one can modify a document's number";

By pressing the Shift Shift in addition to clicking on Start, you can disable all of the standard functions of the program;

When you right click on an item, a menu appears that allows you to delete the item, rename it, sort it, etc;

the "All Programs" submenu unfolds to the full screen.

Microsoft Windows Explorer may be used at work in the Classic Shell environment. There are many features available to the user in this function.

The tool includes access to the most common procedures used by the user (copy, paste, delete, properties, etc.)); The panel has the capability of fully customization.

A copy dialog box is introduced as a familiar one from Windows XP; corrects a minor issue.

If the selected item is clicked on when pressing Alt+Enter in Windows Explorer, the item's properties are displayed.

Internet Explorer 9 comes with the following options:

A title bar at the top of the window that displays the entire title; etc.

Scroll to the bottom of your browser's screen and view a list of the loading pages.

Safe zones can be viewed in the IE9 status bar.

YES! I love it! I don't only think this little shell photo is cute, but it also makes a great idea for a wall art. Since I was born and raised on Windows XP, it was always my favorite browser. You can definitely benefit from this option if you don't want any changes to your computer, so it stays operational while you adjust. :)
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