by ClamWin

Yet another anti-Microsoft Windows virus program is the most popular virus program.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ClamWin

Release: ClamWin 0.99.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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While the word "ClamWin" sounds like something that came from the sea, this anti-You may find some pearl encrusted inside of virus software for Windows. Maybe it's just another among a very varied group of anti-drugs.There are many virus tools available out there, but it's very effective even though the interface is complex. But it doesn't cater to everyone.

Starting out, ClamWin for Windows is a free program that can be procured from the site ( There's nothing proprietary about it; it's an open source tool.Their goal is to be a high performing company. They need employees who will help them improve the performance. What about it being ock thing? I wouldn't be sure since it depends on whom you ask. Having said that, ClamWin offers some benefits for users. Although this program works on an automatically scan of the virus when it's installed, it's not an automatic program. When an application's diagnostic function kicks in, the user is asked to verify a virus by scanning the file manually. A program might detect a false positive after that, which the program would interpret as a virus. You want to make sure the file is virus free or nothing more than a blurry mess before you run it through another online antivirus service. You most likely will not be able to use ClamWin if you're looking for something you can run in the background and scan your computer while you're sipping coffee or watching TV, so don't use it. However, if you are more concerned with making ClamWin better and checking specific files, then you will disagree.

Microsoft's ClamWin for Windows comes in an inconveniently user-friendly form, which will turn off many people with no computer experience. A small span of time is something that is sure to please those with patience.

It's free! This is not something that you have to pay.

ClamWin (34.09 MB)
ClamWin 0.96.4 (35.13 MB)
ClamWin 0.96.5 (35.35 MB)
ClamWin 0.97 (36.17 MB)
ClamWin 0.97.1 (38.02 MB)
ClamWin 0.97.3 (39.96 MB)
ClamWin 0.97.5 (44.73 MB)
ClamWin 0.97.6 (45.83 MB)
ClamWin 0.97.7 (62.68 MB)
ClamWin 0.98 (80.58 MB)
ClamWin 0.99.4 (164.66 MB)
ClamWin is the best antivirus software for Windows computers. Free software that provides airtight security for you to continue using your computers, making sure none of them are infected. A proprietary scanning engine ensures that no virus is left behind or unattended to, and the setup process is very straightforward.
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