by CipherShed project.

You use an encryption program to safeguard your data and keep it secure.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CipherShed project.

Release: CipherShed

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CipherShed is a user-It was developed for the purpose of ensuring safe storage of data with a program. There are two ways to install the application: portable or stand-alone. Having the server installation done is straightforward and intuitive. After the client is setup, the user interface will be intuitive and familiar. Your encryption containers clearly display on the main UI screen as you choose from the menus with options and features. CipherShed is a constantly updated software currently running on version Since this was a Rebranding update as well as a variety of buffer overflow fixes, the latest update concentrated on fixing those issues. TrueCrypt provides a branch of itsCrypt software called cipherware, or ciphering. By dropping TrueCrypt from its development cycle, CipherShed emerged as a fork of the ths. While this is quick and easy to do, a manual will make it easier to jump in. There are several different encryption options offered to you, including hiding volume implementations, hash algorithm implementation, and obfuscation. During the course of time, you will be familiar with the fact that CipherShed has the ability to let you create Hidden Operating systems. The Hidden Operating System may not be accessed or traced. All Windows 10 operating systems, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista versions come with CipherShed. Internet files can be downloaded to a size of 3GB on a standard PC.The download requires just a few minutes and can take place with only a fewMB of data.


  • User-friendly and simple - the interface is made to appear iaple is simple and user-friendly-friendly
  • Only a few steps needed to encrypt containers
  • Separate Container storage feature allows for better organization of data
  • Free

In today's world of hacking and internet security breaches, peace of mind with sensitive data storage can only truly be achieved through a secure encryption process. During an upgrade of CipherShed, one is assured of having their data stored as well as securing it against unauthorized access.

Aaron Yates
With CipherShed, you can store the data safely by encryption the containers, and organize them so that they are completely secure. Vista, 7, 8, and 10 versions have been supported. Users can create hidden systems and volumes using this browser. It uses multiple encryption algorithms. Using this security application allows data safety while still maintaining an acceptable level of capability.
Matthew Vanpelt
I'm impressed with this software. This is one of the most reliable encryption programs available. The free version is available both on its own and via cross platform. My current use of this encryption software has been over a year and I took advantage of its ease of use when I started downloading it.
Keeping your data source secure was rather easy with the software.
Having encrypting data that is free software makes this very useful. Having the app on multiple platforms is awesome. It is open-In order for information to be shared transparent and open, I value all source sources. You can edit your code and come up with new ideas. This feature is awesome. Developers are well-informed and are willing to work with each other.
It would not cross my mind from the research showing it did nothing but I wouldn't purchase the browser either, it is not very effective as it has not much information. Neither would the disk though.
In its current form, CipherShed is encryption software aimed at protecting and protecting consumers. Among the great features of this software is that it has the ability to work across numerous operating systems. macOS, Windows, and even Linus were included. As an additional advantage, it is available for free.Please don't use this article unless a suitable replacement is present. In this way, anyone with insights or ideas can be gained insights.
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