by Cinta Software

Microsoft windows note taking program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cinta Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Today's person is constantly getting new information on the Web, so he cannot recall key facts from back then. In order to save all interesting articles and news, the CintaNotes program was created. You have a lot of features on this app. An example could be found on a web page or another text document that you do not want to lose. You can add text to a program database when you choose it (F12 by default) and Ctrl+F12. As soon as you click the program button, you'll find two notes: one holding the title on which you copied the original document, and another containing the information you entered. In addition to creating notes and checking them against the list, users can also sort them by title, volume, and creation time.

Moreover, CintaNotes allows you to write your own notes. If you already have an idea, but have no paper or pencil, simply click on the "New note" button to let others know about your idea. By leaving a message you may be able to set up an appointment. Therefore, all useful thoughts will be stored in one place, and you won't forget any important words. The program has a search bar which is located in the main window of the program when you need to find a note. As a whole, Cinta Notes looks to be both useful and easy to handle.

- Importing notes easily and within few steps: Here are the steps. When you highlight the text, and the keys are matching, it is automatically displayed.

- Multiple databases can be used; a great asset.

- There is a central place where all of the notes are kept. You won't have as much desktop space as you used to d more stickers cluttering up the desktop space;

- This feature gives you the ability to add notes on your own;

- The system can be used to find the records you need.

The program is amazing, I use it every day for taking notes. You can create short memos for you when your imagination takes you on a creative trip. Alternatively you can have them printed and emailed to keep track of your dates.
Notetaking software free of charge that allows you to create, save, retrieve, and delete text from documents or webpages stored.
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