Cinch Audio Recorder

by Cinch Solutions

Record, save, and edit digital music with this audio recorder.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cinch Solutions

Release: Cinch Audio Recorder 4.0.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cinch Audio Recorder allows the user to record streamed online music just by clicking a button. A high quality (320KPM/s) MP3 file is saved along with all recorded music, the software also understands if this song or an artist album was originally tagged and if so when it was tagging. Other options available to the user include editing the MP3, creating a ringtone, and deletering the MP3. Even if the music stream only comes in at a bit rate of 128 kbp/s, Cinch Audio Recorder will allow the user the ability save the file at the higher bitrate of 320 kbp/s. The software's option for saving files as WAVs is also possible, if the user wishes. Software can be widely used by all audiences thanks to the easy-to-use interface. It is one big button to record, and another just stops, enabling ID3 Tagging in a seamless fashion. Having difficulties finding your own ID3 Tags on recorded recordings, your files can include your own information if this is the case in an extremely rare occurrence where ID3 cannot be found. Software Freemium offers trial versions of five songs, and there is no additional cost for the software. The Cinch Audio Recorder is easy to use, effective, and provides you with a high level of convenience.


  • Record Online Streaming/Radio songs to MP3 files
  • Automatic ID tagging for Title, Artist, and Album
  • Advertisement removal
  • No need for a virtual sound card

In conclusion, Cinch Audio Recorder is a simple, easy to use software that makes saving online radio, well, a cinch! However, don't let its simplicity fool you.-The price that comes with it is simply too low to justify the force of its power.

You do not need to install an operating system's virtual sound card.
Jack Arsonne
It took several years for me to realize that ripping music from online streaming services required different services due to which different methods were needed to deliver the music. With Announcing recording rather than ripping, it is easy to deal with this problem in a single spot. There is minimal damage to the quality, and compression is in the standard mp3 format.
Although I wasn't sure I'd found an audio recorder that would meet my needs when I tried the Cinch audio recorder for Windows systems, I'm glad I did. Aside from the following, it is really fantastic for users. - What the ability to preserve recorded music as a lossless WAV is all about. Analyse music files and make ringtones by simply editing them. With just one click, this program is easy to use. On high settings, it's reliable.resolution screens - The Ad-Selector system can help eliminate ads from tracks even for beginners and me personally, use it!!
Using its ability to record audio and provide excellent output quality, Cinch Audio Recorder is an absolute pleasure to use. In addition to serving many functions within the aforementioned lines, a wide variety of other functions exist as well. Among its functions is the use of music tagging, allowing for the recording of music. Students can achieve dual degrees from this program.A complete verse for recording that will serve you well.
Evan Jeffery
The Clinch Audio Recorder uses recording technology to capture the audio as well as saving recording records.The application is elegant, straightforward, and it comes at a great price. Application and in-built recording audio are made available to all the media.There is never been a simpler installation of windows software. Worth the download.
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