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An accurate and fully automated time tracking software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Chrometa

Release: Chrometa 2.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Chrometa is an innovative software and application that acts as a personal timekeeper for your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone. Having a tool like this allows you to create invoices and keep track of your hourly hours will help you focus more on what matters.


  • Record your work on your PC and Mac and Android smartphone. Chrometa automatically captures time by recording how long you are working on existing documents and notes the details associated with the activity. Recording time while you switch tasks requires that you have to wait until it is completed. Through real-time data collection and pause and resume recording, you can compile a accurate timesheet, which is an easy task.time.
  • Provides customized categorizing of time. It allows you to set up keyboard-based rules (using email addresses, project numbers, phone numbers, and other keywords) to create customized timesheets automatically. Your timesheets will stay in place efficiently with the ability to edit and highlight entries in seconds.
  • Creates invoices. In Chrometa, using a timesheet view for managing invoices is easy and time-efficient. With the creation of invoices, you are able to quickly create a list of clients to contact via email. Practicing attorneys or practice management can import your timesheets. Scalable for any business app.
  • A tool that allows you to manage accounting, bookkeeping, practice management, projects, and productivity on your behalf. It gives you an opportunity to compare how timely a project and a client are compared to revenue, so you can find most profitable projects.

From creating an impressive and very custom interface, Chrometa lets you keep track of your PC, Mac, or smartphone activity on desktop, mobile device, and smartphone in real-time.It lets you stay on top of your business and avoid ever losing your hard-earned earnings. Whether you're a freelancer or an attorney, Chrometa is an online company committed to providing accurate, easy-to-use, secure services.

During the first half of every Chrometa experience, a capture box is presented along with your browser.
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Myvizhiselvi SHANMUGAM
When it comes to Chromea, it is just like a personal secretary who focuses on the right things at the right time.You can work from home or on the go. If you break for a few hours, you can also call while on the tap, or even when you're in a computer shop.By creating time followup for each task and closing them at the end of each day, daily tasks are made easier.
I love this application. Having it at work and using it for management can have a huge impact. I also like keeping an eye on my employees' hours. I think it really helps my company.
Jude Porter
You'll love the fact that you can monitor the time you spend doing computer work with this software. Using my old software, I'd have to begin and stop working every time I started and finished a task, which I hated doing. My life is easier than ever thanks to Chrometa as it automatically begins whenever I set off my laptop and stops whenever I stop it.
Many platforms such as the PCs, mobile phones, the Mac and the Android can access the same type of software. Using this statistic, you can find out how long you spend working on a computer. For those who work from home, but must give their boss the information on their hours, this could be a great tool.
The Chrometa app is a Windows program that assists users in time tracking. During setup, users just open the Chrometa Windows App in the background of their computer to create their desktop shortcut, and Chrometa Windows will then run to record time spent on PCs as it goes. Once this is done, no data can be saved.
In recent months, I purchased Chrometa for Windows to help track the hours I work. By opening up Covid, I could track billable hours automatically, so I only had to make sure I remembered every project start date or task associated with it. Therefore, I had to take work home instead of working in my office. When I discovered Chrometa, I fell in love with it. The process was much simpler now and I could just start wherever I wanted to. I have been extremely pleased with this product for a number of years, and would never do it again.
Accountants, lawyers, project managers, and freelancers love the features of Chrometa because it helps them remember where their projects are working on website pages, programs and invoices. Tracking time per job this way is an excellent method as it eliminates the need for tracking more paperwork, and there are also smartphone applications that make driving incredibly easy if you are on the go.
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