ChillGlobal for Chrome

by ChillGlobal

VPN extension that works on most browsers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ChillGlobal

Release: ChillGlobal for Chrome 1.0.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A unique and innovative VPN, ChillGlobal works via a browser extension, although most users use the ubiquitous Chrome (but Firefox also works). The app uses a remote dial-up and proxy server instead of an external program. Using this app, you can access anything and shop anywhere without any restrictions about where you are.

Your internet browsing is not restricted, you can browse and stream flawlessly across a multitude of platforms without any interruptions of communication as you're in the wrong country or attempting to connect to someone VPN-enabled. It is very easy to set up and is intuitive. It's very fast, yet most importantly it's secure, and it will prevent your ISP and government from monitoring your behavior. Streams, online shopping, and other items you enjoy can be played and watched safely via CyberConnect VPN as well.

With a network of very fast server connections, you can to connect to countries all over the planet And it works perfectly with popular streaming services such as Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, eBay, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and many others, which can be very picky about VPN services otherwise.

ChillGlobal is free to use, but there's a slight catch. After 30 minutes, you must create an account (for free). Within this period, you can only use it for 20 hours at a time. Afterwards, you will have to pay 2,555, a little more than 3 per month to have the service. But for what you get it does not come easily to me. With our VPN, you'll be able to access almost all major streaming and shopping services through a browser application, without an external app that has to be used separately. This is a great investment because it saves you money on monthly installments. In addition to being a fast and lightweight extension,ChillGlobal has robust connections and will not allow you to lose access to your favorite foreign streaming platforms. Likewise, it will also be the best way to connect to your favorite streaming sites and shopping channels at home when traveling.

Allows you to browse the Internet without geographical restrictions

  • Installs via a browser plugin
  • Watch TV and movies from any region
  • Shop any website regardless of location
  • Does not track you
  • Legal and safe
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