Digsby Portable logo
In one place, you can manage your various email accounts, social networks, and IMs.
VIPole Secure Messenger logo
Having an instant messaging application with high security is important for securing your private online information.
Winpopup NET messenger logo
Provides email messaging and presence monitoring services at an office environment that is highly professional.
RealPopup logo
Using Windows, MacOS, and Android, it makes files accessible for users around the globe.
Woize logo
Using its internet-based technology, it is the cheapest and simplest way to contact people across the globe.
Massive sMs logo
In addition to being a very effective communication method, texting is very convenient.
Jihosoft WhatsMate logo
Managing and facilitating data transfers for WhatsApp, a popular chat application.
Teampel logo
A product management, or an interactive messaging (IM) application.
mIRC logo
It is an application for chatting on the phone or in public.
Messenger for Desktop logo
Mobile applications for desktop operating systems such as Messenger are multi-featured.Voice-calls and sound on a platform using software called platform communications.call features.
Windows Live Messenger logo
Cross-Using platform messaging software which operates with Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and more.
Yahoo! Messenger logo
Your friends can keep in touch with your messenger account with this service.
Facebook Messenger logo
Video and audio messaging capabilities are offered by this social networking app.
MetroTwit logo
The Twitter alternative can be interpreted as an appealing, sleek system with added advantages.
Digsby logo
An all-in-As much as one email address, web chatting, and social networking is all we have.
Zoom Meetings logo
Video conferencing is an online tool to allow you to communicate via video.
WebSMS logo
If you have an internet connection, text messages can be sent anywhere.
iSendSMS logo
Package that provides access to both multimedia files and short-length text messages on your mobile device.
ICQ logo
The tool combines instant messaging capabilities with VoIP capabilities across a range of mobile platforms.
Softros LAN Messenger logo
Home and office users can use this instant messaging software.
CommFort logo
Make sure an active informant remains with your network when you communicate between users. Transfer files and create an activity log.
X-Lite logo
Using this app allows you to call an item of importance on any other device.
mySMS logo
Text message programs send and receive messages electronically.
LINE logo
Free voice calling capability as well as efficient transmission of messages.
Vypress Chat logo
The server chat software for Microsoft Windows can be used easily.
Ventrilo logo
This free communication system makes it possible to send and receive text messages across servers.
Free Video Call Recorder for Skype logo
Recording video on calls via Skype will be as easy as using this audio recording device.
Pamela for Skype logo
Using this feature, you can program audio and video software for Windows.
Clownfish for Skype logo
Make sense of your Skype conversations - translate them in real time.recipients have time to hear the message in the language they prefer.
Paltalk logo
The best way to manage all your chat apps and logins from one location.
Glip (64-bit) logo
the people are available for real Glip gives users real-Communication and contact by phone and e-mail have become more prevalent as our lives become richer.
YakYak logo
You can communicate with others using this desktop client; it's available at google hangouts.
ZamTalk Messenger logo
Meetings with new people and the chance to keep in touch with old ones is easy.
Pinger Desktop 2.0 logo
The people of different countries receive free messages via internet.
Zoosk Messenger logo
Meeting singles online is a great way to meet new people.
RaidCall logo
In the RaidCall suite, one can include both text and voice options plus group chat capabilities in one user interface.
Voicemod logo
Whenever you talk online, switch the sound of your voice to another language.
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond logo
It allows the user to use narrations and any other tools when it feels appropriate in voice.
Multi Skype Launcher logo
Multiple Skype accounts can be connected to the same server.
Bandoo logo
These programs let you see who all your instant messaging contacts are at the same time.