Character Creator

by Reallusion Inc

Software to easily create, import and customize stylized or realistic looking character assets

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Reallusion Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Character Creator is a program for creating three-dimensional human models. The database can edit skeletons, faces, clothes, accessories, and hairstyles. Apart from this, multiple ready-made products can be made available.You can convert these models to change them according to your wishes. But the most interesting feature of Character Creator is scanning a person's face in a photo and automatically transferring his or her features to the editor. Neither of these systems works perfectly, and the "scanned" versions typically require manual corrections at a minimum. Most model changes are made by moving the slider during editing. It would seem that the program is similarly minded to a character editor in the like of a video game program. The process of working with her is almost identical.

In particular, attention should be given to the process of altering the age of a model. When you complete the creation of your character, simply select one of several items and age it or rejuvenate him or her. There is also a strong sense of age reflected in clothing. A character's wardrobe can be customized in the editor by allowing you to chose what character you like best. Simulating tissue in Character Creator isn't always successful, and you may not be able to load anything of your own. The entries in the library should be edited. A lot of items, including clothing color, abrasions, and holes, as well as placing your own logo can be changed.

Furthermore, Character Creator has the ability to produce cartoons as well as realistic human models. The tools necessary for editing skin, hair, cosmetics, and animation may be obtained separately.

- by transforming a three-dimensional model of the human face into a three-dimensional model.dimensional model;

- advanced morphing tools;

- Adding clothes and accessories while creating character gestures.

- Build and tune your bones, build and tune your muscles;

- It has been described as one of the most unique systems for aging and rejuvenation of characters on earth; its unique system of aging and rejuvenation of the character with the movement of one slider;

- Tone the skin, apply tattoos, tanning, and more.

- The option of adding your own logo to your clothing is available.

Character Creator for Windows allows you to design and develop the characters you will use. You can use this tool to quickly create character sets, and customize them as you see fit with other programs, which can allow you to turn 3D or animated files into reality. It is easy to learn Character Creator, no matter how little or no experience you have with the concept.
For Windows, users can build their own 3D models that they can use as either avatar characters or character in games. Though it looks difficult to use, it offers widespread utility, creating characters that range from fantasy to humans and elves. This software allows you to change, modify and adjust the lighting and shading for needs, and assets can be loaded to modify and adjust as well.
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