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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aardvark Digital

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Cerberus is a webcam software for video surveillance of your home. By combining this application with ten webcams, up to 20,000 images per hour can be detected, and FTP requests can be sent to different sites. Installer is not difficult - Installation is simple. In general, users need only to open the app and get started within five minutes. We've taken the best care of our images with respect to size, quality, design, and refresh rate. FTP cannot upload frames received by the program, and they can be saved to an ouch and saved the received frames to the hard disk instead of uploading them via FTP. Cerberus is able to automatically detect motion, and users can specify a specific area on the frame where the motion sensor should be used. The sensor has the potential to save the image from the camera. As the sensor triggers, the user receives an notification.mail. Use of the program can be closed with a password to access its functions such as interrupts and timer. It has a built-in viewer for viewing images.

We utilize this software for the installation of multiple web cams that can be used as home security cameras. This device might be useful for a family with several children and want to monitor them in real time. The cameras on this screen will be capable of viewing multiple videos simultaneously and can also be viewed by zoos or homeowners who want to monitor animals in their homes.
You will not want to buy Cerberus unless you enjoy looking at your home in a whole array of different directions. By using this webcam software, images and videos can be uploaded in just a few seconds. Additionally, it is protected against hacks by password protection and timer function.
You can link 10 security cameras to your TV in only 5 minutes because this program took no longer than five seconds to install. The app is easy to use since you can record any motions and then send them straight to you. In order to ensure your safety ads are protected, all videos have passwords.
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