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CentOS is a fairly well-A known operating system from behind Debian that competes for the title of the leading free source code server. As part of Red Hat's'Enterprise Linux Commercial' distribution, this system was developed. The difference is, unlike "Debian," it contains several branches and forksThe purpose of these projects is to develop free software for server technologies.

Instead of a universal package manager, CentOS has a yum command that is responsible for downloading and installing RPM components from the main repository. If you want to use a desktop interface, you can install GNOME or KDE. A graphical shell is also used for managing server machines. In addition to setting the programs you want to view on your PC or laptop when you install the OS, you have options to choose which ones.

Software packages cannot be updated automatically in this distribution. The latest version of an application must often be downloaded and installed personally by the user, not by the program. In order to maintain a stable and reliable OS, this will be accomplished. There is no doubt in some quarters that CentOS is a safer OS than Ubuntu or Debian.

In one way or another, computer professionals connected to the world of computer technology require this environment; it is a highly valued environment for officials, scientists, webmasters, administrators, programmers, and others. Several important projects explicitly reveal its safety and reliability advantages. Choosing CentOS to install on your home or work servers will be sure to make your computer go well.

- Docker support;

- Installation of UEFI on computers is possible through UEFI secure boot;

- Stable operating system for seven years.

was unable to locate CentOS for Windows before downloading it. We are community-driven and provide open source software. That's so cool. Microsoft releases the program. Servers run this operating system together. As a result, it is being used for my work. On it, I develop software. The term it describes our participation in our community. You can use it both on your computer and on your windows PC. Geek in me loves life just as much as I do.
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