by Chris Laurel

Free space simulator for window provider

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Chris Laurel

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Celestia is a program that allows you to observe the planets in the solar system and more than 100 thousand stars of our galaxy in real time. Celestia is a virtual 3D planetarium that allows you to observe space objects not only from the surface of the Earth, but also from anywhere in the galaxy. Besides zooming to see and zoom out on space bodies, you can see the planets in the solar system, observe our home planet, view details of how our planet looks in the virtual universe, adjust the lighting parameters and textures as needed.

A tool to help you visualize the parameters of the stars in our distant planets is available through the Celestia Virtual Planetarium. can choose the appropriate number of objects, including galaxies, stars, and star clusters, planets, asteroids, artificial satellites, nebulae, and more. On average, you can view planets and their atmosphere, comets, asteroids and artificial satellites and even see every possible detail - A large piece of the galaxy can fit in the corner of a computer's screen, while a part of the spacecraft can be seen through the eyepiece.

addons that feature scripting languages must not be overlooked. A set of add-ons gives you tools that enhance Celestia's functionality and are installer-only. Besides detailed descriptions of the planets in our solar system, asteroids, comets, spacecraft, artificial satellites, as well as objects near the farthest reaches of our planet, you can find addons for such activities. Besides these add-ons, there are a variety of others that let you explore the universe, planets, and fantastic planets. Babylon 5, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Odyssey 2001: all available on the Amazon Web site.

- Telescope on view of planets, stars, n Stars, nebulae, etc.;

- Studying planets and stars of our galaxy for years to come;

- It is possible to select points of observation with a wide variety of options;;

- You can use a scripting language or an addon.

Wow. Seeing the space available from my computer in 3D has been on my wish list for some time. As long as I build a Windows application using Celestia, there must be a bright idea that is going to make it happen. Its running on five major platforms: Windows, OS, Android, Linus, and iOS. These makes it possible to install it wherever I want. free-wheeling simulation of space. In the time it takes to run, it feels like I am surrounded by space. Having the ability to view the universe in 3D is truly a blessing for me. Hopefully I won't be bored anymore.
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