by Mitja Perko

This application checks your CDs and DVDs and tells you which files are corrupted

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mitja Perko

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CDCheck - Designed mainly to check CDs for "readability", but in fact the CDCheck works with all files wherever they are - CDs, floppy disks, ZIP disks, CDs and DVDs. Compare CDs by the way, so your discs are compared.It creates a file on the hard disk that corresponds to the file on the CD (making the file on the hard disk a bit better comparison to the files on the CD). Interface - multilingual. The program is free to use at home (this requires you to register on the developer's website and get the keys).

- Creating ssulation and checking - file/directory checking - Comparison between stributaries binary file/directory compare - file/directory recovery - CD and DVD data with media ratings doesn't exist: CDCheck offers detailed information on the producer (manufacturer, type, edition) as well as the amount on disc...In regards to CD and DVD media, please use your judgement.

My damaged files can be restored using the software. older versions of Windows 95 and 98, including the Explorer versions.When using the software to restore data files from DVDs or CDs, it is a reliable solution.
Found on the CDs by Windows is the damage-free information on windows, including files that have been damaged. Installing Microsoft Windows as a free program is very simple. It means moving data files or searching content on PCs are the steps involved in CD check. It is so handy to check windows this way. So this type of software resolves a common problem with Pcs. That is because so many files are corrupt on it. It is therefore very useful both for internal and external use of CD checks for Windows. Therefore, it's very secure to use.
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