by SingularLabs

An add on package for CCCleaner which adds functionality for over 1000 new programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SingularLabs

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CCEnhancer is a utility that adds to the popular CCleaner program (used to clean up the system and uninstall the software) a list of rules to work correctly with several hundred Windows applications. They currently have 900 such applications on file and their numbers will continue to rise. CCEnhancer itself does not contain a description of programs, but only downloads them from the Internet. in fact, to keep it running properly and to update the program base as soon as possible after installing CCEnhancer. CCleaner regular and portable versions can both benefit from this product.

- CCleaner can now add new programs to its list of supported ones.

An extension of CCleaner, CCEnhancer provides users with additional tools and settings. Over 900 different applications can be enhanced with it. With that technology, CCleaner can remove more fingerprints than it would normally be able to. It is logical to follow any requests the software makes for updates at the initial application level after getting CCEnhancer on the server.
Among the capabilities of CCEnhancer is its ability to uninstall the program in addition to cleaning up the system. More than 900 programs are updated frequently in this feature, making it compatible with all CCleaner programs.
you can extend CCleaner's lifespan by optimizing its performance. Updates to the program are automatic through the program's auto-update feature. To get the hang of the program, you will have to learn how, but there are plenty of easy to follow instructions in the program guide that can be helpful. You can clean up your PC's hard drive thoroughly by running CCleaner with the enhancer after installation.
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