Card Data Recovery

by Tenorshare

Recovers lost data through the use of a utility.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tenorshare

Release: Card Data Recovery

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Card Data Recovery is a high profile recovery tool for Windows. Users use this program to restore lost or corrupted data from many different types of storage devices, thus earning it the title of world's most popular tool. No matter how small or large a mistake we made, we all experience data loss at some point. Whether we accidentally deleted something or our computer crashed due to an unexpected error. Card Data Recovery is able to help you get those files back with no hassles, expensive costs, or technical support. The program is very intuitive, and a novice computer user can get the hang of it in as little as three minutes. The program simply opens, looks for the file that needs to be recovered, and then simply lets the program work.


  • Recover photos, videos, music, and other different file formats
  • Restore more than 300 file formats
  • Retrieve files from digital cameras
  • Recover data from PC
  • Recover data from Portable storage devices
  • Free Download

The Card Data Recovery program comes with a lot of interesting perks. First impressions suggest this program is made only for memory cards, however it works across virtually any piece of software. Using this incredible tool has also been used to replace memory cards, old cell phones, digital cameras, and even flash drive graphics cards. The files that I thought were long gone have been recovered from my laptop. Nearly six months ago or earlier. You shouldn't think that what you deleted from your computer has vanished when it's never truly gone. My best recoveries have been those I took on old cellphones. Whenever I purchase a new phone, I normally toss in the old one and promise myself at the end of the process to receive any data I might still have on it. Device failure occurs once it reaches several months. By then, it has become inoperable.

Recover over 300 different types of files regardless the size

Card Data Recovery can bypass issues like that provided you have another device to plug your old one into. Basically, it is like a one-stop shop where you can go through old devices, pick what you want, and then throw it away. This program works on hard drives as well. Having that feature installed makes me feel superior since I use my PC mainly. Others have wondered if it works on all mobile devices. When I look at the version of Card Data Recovery on AndriOD phones and tablets with software versions 2 or 3.0, I'm a little disappointed.3 or later. Despite the fact that it was a recent creation, I'm anticipating that it will be updated within the next few months. A Card Data Recovery service is the best option for anyone who wants to prevent the loss of an important file agains.

  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista
I bet every computer user has deleted a folder or a file accidentally. It is now possible to retrieve that crucial data using our Card Data Recovery Software for Windows. Designed by our engineers, our recovery software has the highest levels of reliability. can be used to manage over 300 different file formats, and is capable of recovering up to 400MB of data from formatted files. A money-back guarantee is also available.Software will be backed up if it fails to perform as expected. We'll make it work for you - get in touch. There are many different kinds of loss.
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