Carambis PhotoTrip

by Carambis

Organizes photos and albums, Organizes photos and albums and enable sharing with friends through social sources

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Carambis

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Carambis PhotoTrip is a program that allows you to create on your computer an ordered collection of photos from a large number of unsorted images in the following formats: Images such as jpeg,jpg, png, cr2, tiff, tif can also be displayed.

You simply load the program with all your images, and it'll do the same for them by name, date, geometry, and where possible distribute them to. There are several sections for photo cataloguing in Carambis PhotoTrip: All photos, travel pictures, not disassembled pictures, no GPS data, last pictures, deleted pictures, and trash (for erasing pictures). You can also add a name to the photo albums. You will find the relevant names in a separate section. A geodata image can provide you with GPS tracks (individual maps that display your route and photos taken as you travel).

Additionally, Carambis PhotoTrip has a list, calendar, and map that have advanced functionality. Further, it enables the user to click on the corresponding button on the toolbar to view detailed information regarding the files: The date, time, and size of the shot, as well as the details of how the camera handles data. As well as the image viewer and editor, this application has a number of other features. Although you may not like the quick shot, you can always make it better with color correction tools (brightness, contrast, shadow), as well as in-built filters. You can easily send pictures via email and print them from VK, Flickr, Yandex Photos or VK using its advanced features that allow you to export photos to social networks like VK, Google+ and Facebook, Flickr and Yandex Photos.

We will let you synchronize and manage photographs and albums using Carambis PhotoTrip, and be able to share photos with friends via social media and the cloud.
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