by Captureplus

A screen capture tool for users to easily capture their screen in image format

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Captureplus

Release: CapturePlus 3.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CapturePlus is an excellent tool and utility which enables users to easily capture and record their screen activity in real-There are multiple image formats supported by the program, including PNG, GIF, JPG, PNGS, HTML, PDF, TIFF, and HDP. With multiple formats supported and dual monitors, it is perfect for use with multiple monitors. Screens can be rolled forward or backwards and can be adjusted.

CapturePlus allows users to perform many other functions such as window, area, scroll, full screen, object, work areas, active windows, fixed regions, icons, menu, color pickers, icons, last selection, mouse cursors and others as well.

CapturePlus offers a large variety of integrated functions that are within the interface while also delivering exactly what it is supposed to, including capturing the screen to take efficient and properly sized screenshots. Capture is possible as a result of this.Using a format that is friendly and allows sharing. This program will be extremely useful to do all this and do it just as simply as needed. Additionally, it's an excellent alternative to others when it comes to ensuring complete integration with the program. A great tool and utility, it allows for easy access to captured and stored information, capturing and saving them exactly. There is also a Gold status option available as well, further solidifying this program as one of the best capture programs.

Support for large variety of formats and other integrated functions

  • Captures screen
  • Supports all formats of images
  • Saves them in a good format
  • Integrated functions such as area, scroll, full screen, etc.
  • Free
playing video games, wanted to record my gameplay, but could not find an application that made it easy for me to do so and added cool editing features. The things I can do are just a few clicks away because of capturing. I have a dual screen setup with this software. A few other things I am capable of doing include rotating the screen and flipping it. As soon as I have added text, I can annotate it or describe what is going on. In addition to hotkeys, the program has settings to let you make changes in a particular aspect while you are still playing gameplay. For instance, I can add shortcut commands during my recording so I can zoom in on the command as I am still on this task.
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