by Cabos

A file sharing platform with a very minimilistic feel

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cabos

Release: Cabos 0.8.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cabos is a file-sharing software program that is similar to the familiar versions of Limewire. It is featured on the Gnutella network and has DHT support as well as firewall to firewall and TLS encryption support. It was initially released in 2004 and worked on Windows 2000 or later and MAC OSX and later. You can choose from 28 different languages and 8 file sizes.1 MB. The new interfaces for streaming media and other devices are very similar to iTunes, which makes it nice to know peer-to-peer file sharing isn't that way. Prior to Itunes and Youtube, we all used a variety of file sharing platforms. An error occurred when the virus passed over me, and that could happen in a hurry with many other users. Enter Cabos. The Cabos plug in for file sharing is a tried and true solution with an extremely easy to use interface that will keep you on your feet. By typing out a searching term and selecting the desired file on your computer, you must make it easier for others to discover it. When the file is selected, you'll see it in the file manager along with your selected contents. can view that download in the context of the user interface.

Additionally, while searching for a specific file like music, users are pre-occupied with a lot of details.A variety of other categories have been created, as well as their artist names, genres, and so on. simplicity makes cacti their greatest strength as well as their greatest weakness. Although it works beautifully with Itunes, there is no built-in audio player integrated with it. This is a simple peer to peer download tool that uses only a few lines of code. Although this program doesn't have many bells and whistles, its also very fluid and clean. This is a perfect option for novices, who would probably not be as eager to learn more information about file sharing files. To see the best features, please visit the website of Cabos. With us, you only have to plug in the data, search, click on downloads, and play the file using the best file format.


Very simple user interface that allows you to monitor downloads on a simple interface
  • Plug and Play Support
  • Proxy Transfers
  • Itunes integration
  • Clean interface
  • Adware and Spyware free
Cabos 0.6.3 (4 MB)
Cabos 0.6.4 (4.09 MB)
Cabos 0.6.5 (4.12 MB)
Cabos 0.6.7 (4.12 MB)
Cabos 0.6.8 (4.1 MB)
Cabos 0.6.9 (3.98 MB)
Cabos 0.7.1 (4.33 MB)
Cabos 0.7.3 (4.22 MB)
Cabos 0.7.4 (4.01 MB)
Cabos 0.7.5 (4.18 MB)
Cabos 0.8.2 (8.15 MB)
I really like the software that allows for file sharing. This program is suitable to people who want to share music and videos. It is simple to use. The program will find and match any files you search for based on your personal preference. As well as offering a choice in file format, it lets you choose how fast to send it. Albums and artist names are organized in a way so you can quickly view the list.
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