by BYOND Software

Make a indie game by coding your own code.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BYOND Software

Release: BYOND 512.1477

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There isn't much to it, but it is pretty cool. BYOND is a community of developers, or want to be developers, where seemingly anyone can create their own indie games -- Their fellow citizens will support them. There is a wealth of resources on the website when it comes to creating a series of games for users to program. Some of their software include their "BYOND 101," "BYOND Whitespace," "BYOND Resource Repository," etc. They have a disclaimer on their page that states that it is NOT easy to develop a game. It never is. In any case, they insist that, if you think about doing it, there are actually hundreds of thousands of people across the world who can program one. As one scrolls down through the site, one will also learn an immense amount of titles that other developers have made, in addition to a variety of content that the user will learn from. BYOND users may take a look at the game if it's hosted and ready. BYOND is exclusively for Windows computers, and Macs can take advantage of Bootcamp by installing it directly to the computer if necessary. Users of the website can also leave comment and question questions there on a forum section. Getting stuck in programming on BYOND might be as simple as posting on the forum since there might be quite a few different questions they could ask. In fact, one might think their question was already asked, so you should probably scroll through the forums before going on with them.


  • Easy to learn.
  • A great place to meet and interact with users.
  • Play games created by others without having to worry about finding a replacement.
  • It's free!

Ultimately, it appears to be a really interesting platform from a perspective of first glance. It appeals to people from a variety of ages, with different kinds of interests. Using BYOND makes it possible to spend some quality time having fun while learning an altogether new art form simultaneously.

With the creation of a personal version of a game, one gains more control over their work.

- In order to use BYOND with Windows, you need to have a Windows OS installed.

With this software you can play brand new free computer games on your PC and on any monitor. A further benefit of the program is that you are able to create autonomous computer games of your own. You can download it for free. It's possible for us to choose the game we need after installing a list of games. I am the lone owner of the company.A player's access to a game and an multiplayer game's multiplayer features.
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