by DeskSoft

A powerful bandwidth meter, monitor and traffic controller

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DeskSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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BWMeter is an application for measuring internet connection speed and traffic control. You can analyze incoming and outgoing traffic through this program to monitor Internet connections. For this purpose, data can be produced by analyzing transmitted packets, their destinations, ports, and protocols.

BWMeter users can limit the speed of the Internet connection and allow or deny network access to programs installed on the computer. All local and Internet traffic (as well as applications and Web servers) can be monitored and viewed based on a connection monitoring report. There are three levels of use for the program; home use, small companies, and large enterprises. It allows you to track traffic by all computers connected to the local network without connecting extra hardware. The BWMeter tool can also be used as a standard or hidden firewall, ping servers, and generate traffic reports daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. All types of connections can be made in this program. It includes LAN, WAN, VPN, ADSL and xDSL.

- A variety of traffic monitoring solutions, forging and outgoing traffic in local and Internet networks;

- Is it possible to use it as a firewall??

- Monitoring of traffic usage reports: creation of reports.

- statistics; sort; filtering from collected statistics;

- Packets to be tracked more accurately.

BWMeter 6.11.3 (0.96 MB)
BWMeter 7.1.2 (1 MB)
BWMeter 7.2.2 (1.08 MB)
BWMeter 7.2.3 (1.07 MB)
BWMeter 7.2.4 (1.07 MB)
BWMeter 7.3.3 (1.08 MB)
BWMeter 7.3.4 (1.08 MB)
Everything I needed has been completed with this program. With our limited data plan, I have been using it to monitor my data usage, while also setting limits on what my children can do online during the day. Would you download it again? It's a great program.
Using this product, individuals can be restricted from going over their usage limit for both WiFi speed and data activity. Having the ability to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic has been an absolute pleasure.
A good tool for measuring bandwidth is the BWmeter software.In addition, it allows us to send and receive data on our network, so we can run all the applications as a whole.Local amd internet traffic may also be different from international e.g.This program manages statistics for all computers in the same network.Even an anonymous address of an email address can be blocked.
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