Business VPN by KeepSolid

by KeepSolid

A VPN for businesses

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KeepSolid

Release: Business VPN by KeepSolid 1.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VPNs have great business benefits if your business is concerned about security or you use your smartphones in isolated areas. Businesses rely mostly on Business VPN when employees are at work or traveling, or when they are stuck at home, ill or needing a place to stay for extended periods. When using Business VPN, your employees may use it; however, you will not need to enter multiple security passwords. Therefore, business owners shouldn't worry about them using Business VPN. Moreover, a VPN can limit how exposed an employee is when away from home; No matter where employees are working, they'll be able to work with safety.

It is fairly simple to use Business VPN because of the cross-connect possibilities.platform. The operating system works fine with it, as it is part of any operating system. There can no longer be any claims that the apps will only work on OI or Android, or the packages look different. It's simple to set up, and works for all users.

The VPN can be used by businesses to manage who is on the network, so removing and adding new users is easy. In addition, there is a VPN management system, which allows employees to maintain groups of VPN passwords. It will make life much easier for employees when they deal with securing their phones and have the device policies, since it is not trackable. Then there is the additional benefit of making users feel assured their devices are safe while getting in touch with local WiFi access points.

With 25 people under one account group, it isn't necessary for companies to purchase a great deal of accounts so they can continue to use wifi. And because you can choose which users can be added and subtracted, it saves companies substantial amounts of measure. In order to make your employees feel confident and secure, there are some useful options available that allow access to VPN and manage while providing a great number of codes. Each one may have access to VPN and management while keeping a number of codes at the same time.

Allows teams an easy interface to work on from different locations securely

  • Manages employee privacy, provides businesses with a turnkey solution to provide workers with a BYOD experience. Employees often encounter problems with bringing their own devices to work, as VPNs can provide them with peace of mind.
  • Untrackable and anonymous.
  • Cross-Using and improving a platform that's accessible.
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