Bulk Image Downloader

by Antibody Software

Image batch processing with a powerful Windows program.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Antibody Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bulk Image Downloader is a program that allows you to download images from web galleries in batch mode. As well as detecting and downloading whole albums, it also detects and downloads images as video, so you can continue to upload. To search for images, simply copy the URL of the desired page and wait for Bulk Image Downloader to analyze it. It detects images hidden under "sliders," under "perspetuates," etc. The results of the analysis will be displayed on a special panel after you've reviewed them, and you can mark any of them to download once they're completed.

You can set it up using the scheduler if you need to upload images to more than one site at a time. It is unfortunately very limited in the free version, however once the license is purchased, you will have the option of adding an unlimited number of tasks with ease and using it comfortably.

Using Bulk Image Downloader you are able to generate headers to save the images as templates from the saved document. It is possible to add your own words, phrases (including Cyrillic characters), and provide download times, sources, and others. You can create your own watermark and sort images from different sources into separate folders to customize your photography.

The Bulk Image Downloader program allows you to download videos as well as images. No clips or extensions from a page are detected, and only the original image can be saved.

- You upload images from web galleries and regular pages in batch mode; b/c. allows you to upload images from web galleries and regular pages in batch mode;

- Loading from any source can also be achieved by utilizing the scheduler.

- Analyzes the page, identifies the images it has collected, and suggests which ones you want to download; detects and suggests what photos to display; and indicates which ones to publish.

- If you select a certain template, files whose names are automatically generated automatically will be saved;

- A proxy is needed so that the work can be done by an online connection.

- reports on the completed job in a detailed manner.

- Timeouts are set between reconnection attempts to prevent interference with the process.

- If you want to stop the download, the option for stopping it is available.

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