Brutus Aet2


A useful tool for password recovery, it is fast, flexible and remote

Operating system: Windows


Antivirus check: passed

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Brutus Aet2 is a program for brute force password recovery. In addition to the basic HTTP authentication system and HTML, it is possible to use it as well.The protocol supports other formats, the CGI interface (Common Gateway Interface). POP3 and FTP file transfer protocol are also included. NetBIOS, Telnet, and IMAP are also supported.

"Brutus Principle" means simple things in a very straightforward way: 1. Normally, the program generates a few logins / passwords from the database (or a login, it can be specified in the settings) to attempt to access the database; however, in case of server failure, it saves the information it retrieved, along with all other settings. Whenever possible, be prepared for delays between attempts if necessary. Using multithreading (5 simultaneous connections) may help in speeding up the search for a particular combination, but this may prevent the server from blocking the address where the hack attempt originated from. Even though the speed is very high, it can take a long while for access to be obtained, in this case, a special program is run to prevent the program from reloading and/or pausing at the moment.

Brutus Aet2 can take data from two sources: a dictionary & mdash; Generates the alphabet in a simple text file which consists of different words. It is possible to either give your password size or make it appear like a selected number of characters.

Despite the fact that the last version (released in January 2000) has not been updated very recently, it is still capable of using the program at present.

- It is possible to search for passwords in multiple modes of motion.

- Using a dictionary generator;;.

- The ability to save & download files;;

- Protocols most popular with the public;

- There is no restriction on the use of proxy services.

- An attempt will be made to restore the session after it fails.

To recall passwords can take a mental toll, and I almost always forget many of them quite often. In this program, you will be able to recover the password you forgot because those were saved in the memory.
With brutus you get a very easy-to-use user interface with lots of choices. With brutus you get one of the fastest and most flexible remote password cracking programs available online. You will have access to more than 800 passwords for FREE. Password recovery software that is very useful. When implemented in this software, very fast operations will be carried out.This program is available for download here.
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