Breakaway Audio Enhancer


Automatically adjust the sounds for Peak Performance of whatever source you are listening to

Operating system: Windows


Release: Breakaway Audio Enhancer 1.40.03

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you are listening to the Breakaway audio enhancer, the adjustment of the sound and sound quality automatically happens. By switching between a video on YouTube and an song on Spotify instead of having to adjust the sound options, you can play back videos that sound great and do nothing. There's no better audio enhancer than Breakaway. The sound quality will be the same whether you are using an MP3 player or a CD player. the audio plug-the Breakaway audio enhancer shows you its changes in real time as well.


  • Multiband Dynamic processing is used in this application.
  • Corrects that the volume changes for a song when it changes.
  • The sound is louder and heavier due to the effect.
  • Volume Dynamics and spectral balance are automatically adjusted.

This audio enhancer can also be easily adapted. Likewise, Windows has the option of choosing whether or not it accepts Breakaway audio enhancers. You do not have to buy separate audio enhancement software for your audio players when you use this software. There is no need to convert anything to make it sound better, everything will sound great, from podcasts to Internet radio to YouTube videos and movies downloaded for streaming. There are many users of the Breakaway audio enhancer that was developed by Cedarspanware audio. Over half of its downloads have been made available online.A four-star rating is given to this site overall by website As with professional DJ gear, it provides the same kind of audio quality. If you are looking to enahnce your audio listening experience with less hassle, then you should definitely give the Breakaway Audio Enhancer a try.

During installation, Breakaway audio enhancer does not require the users to adjust the software program to accommodate any noises coming from it. Automatically, it will do that.

Compatible with Windows.

JoAnne Malone
With Breakaway Audio Enhancer, an individual may enjoy smooth, consistent sounds anywhere on their laptop without having to readjust their audio settings constantly. Unlike most other audio conditioners, the Breakaway Audio Enhancer ensures your top notch listening experience no matter what you listen to.
Elle Jay
Music fans will find this program extremely beneficial. Essentially, it preserves your audio settings if you change between different apps, and keeps both your volume and level up when you change software. Changing to Spotify means that your levels will remain the same as your existing YouTube settings. Great idea!
Unlike audio softwares bought separately that can only take care of one media player, you don't have to buy a separate media player audio enhancer. It is also an affordable product, so anyone can buy it.
Any user who has never done any previous coding should try this program. You can enhance your audio by using it. If you work from home or are gaming, this is highly regarded.
Archie Elizondo
Windows 8, 8 and 10 customers apparently seem to be able to utilize The Breakaway Audio Enhancer as an audio enhancement program. Some of the features found in the Breakaway Audio Enhancer are quite shallow, so it doesn't have any great features. Although the technical correction in songs is the one that tends to catch people's eye, there are many other ones that people will particular, the volume of songs is shifting and the speakers are working over efficiently. This program does this by adjusting to reduce the recorded audio so that it sounds as good as possible when you are too tired to hear or enjoy the music you have recorded.
playing audio and video files in very good quality in its combination for this purpose in terms of sound quality. It also offers great experience through its software to handle such documents. The game also has good playing quality, as well as great performance and performance in comparison with previous versions.A letter such as a PDF or eBook in the form of audio and video may be compromised.
As a self-When I worked as a music producer at my local small studio with Breakaway Audio Enhancer for Windows, it's not hard to tell how exciting its quality and aura of sound sound could be while I put some care of the audio files on my PC. All of the instruments in my audio projects were given the rich tone and clarity they needed by this software.
Don't forget the best sound quality is here, you just have to enjoy it. By using Breakaway Audio Enhancer, you receive significant improvements in the audio. With audio input control on audio and video web browser and game, audio performance cannot be surpassed.A low amount is raised and noisy signals are adhered to. A video Internet radio system in addition to mp3s. I feel high-It is one of the best Windows programs for audio and video in your home.Take care of your music once and for all by using the software every day.
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