Brawl Stars

by Supercell Oy

In the BrawlStar video game, you are usually the only one in a game on Google Play store; obstacles chase you and villians are needed.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Supercell Oy

Release: Brawl Stars 1.0.12065.123

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I have found this BrawlStars Game to be too installed with bad gameplay - which I find hard to justify.Simple game designed with kiddy candy treats as the backdrop. However, the Birds' Eye view of my character and the path he takes give a cool perspective. In addition to looking nice, it runs on an operating system that is modern, such as Ubuntu or Linux. During the installation, the install begins to download 513MBytes, which is a lot of data for a game. In terms of speed, it took me about 3 or 4 minutes mostly extract all the files. Starting up also seems slow, but not that bad. I must download the BrawlStars app right away since the app is installed. It is now necessary to sign in to Google. There is a list of other games available for download behind the installation. This is annoying. It takes about five minutes to install this extension and sign in to Google, with the phrase "Checking info" following it.It appeared after three downloads and install attempts that I had entered Google Play and started BrawlStars again. There is a lot of confusion in this document. A third time is going to take 128MBytes, and there is a slow download rate of 15%. Next, the music in the game has been added. Collect all Gems. My character's walk was slow in the first level, but it didn't change the game's acceleration setting. It is usually me and a bird or two who are present-eye view. Although the image looks good, zoom can be tricky, speed can be slow, and shooting with a mouse can be ineffective. Even though the image and action are appealing for a game like this, the realism and speed are too slow. I enjoy blowing up the obstacles and characters. The splash screen at the end of the installation does not let me choose one of the characters I saw. also, walking in a level 1 is challenging due to the mysterious nature of its end. I especially like the colors of the game and the fantasy aspect of the game.

I don't have the necessary space to manage a Windows Game related to Google. Disk space was over 2GB thanks to it. I have not encountered any problems with the music in the background or the pacing of the game. It is likely to be more brutal in this game than you walked down paths or climbed over boulders while navigating paths. There is a really good chance I would want to play as another character. My experience with notification service for this area was somewhat disappointing, I was unable to learn the rules for my player. Score each game and compare myself to others seems to be its value. When I look at it, it reminds me of the Nintendo title, Zelda.


Simple game that has cool guns and a cool top bird eye view of the game and player path
  • Allows custom install option to specify the folder location
  • Great simple graphics
  • Has notifications to increase performance on PCs
  • Assurance of Install by Google Play Store
This game is great for what it is, really. The game itself is mainly a simple cash grab from an unknown source but has deep skill mechanics you need to master to fully use them. It has a lot of different playstyles and there's plenty of growth potential. There should never be any issue finding a match when you first start.
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A cross-platform multi-Computer game where you can battle in a 5v5 game.