Bookviser Reader Premium

by Bookviser Inc

Bookviser Reader Premium is a feature rich Windows Phone ebook reader and management options and text to speech support.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bookviser Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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has a touch of royalty, an ebook reader which can operate either as an ebook or as text-to-speech program. This app is for reading and organizing files on phones and tablets. Windows users can locate, read, and organize ebooks at this site. It has 4 million users. Thousands of public domain books can be downloaded under OPDS catalogs using this interface. With the app, you can buy contemporary books.

Bookviser has been designed by a team of reading and fantastic working with their most active users and critics. You can choose the quick settings in this software to enable adjusting the brightness on your display. Bookviser gives an experience with the help of a slider in the menu and if you pick up the Windows Phone version of Bookviser Reader Premium you will also have access to the Windows Phone 8.1 version free.

Our Bookviser reader integrates with our account, so you can sync your reading on a variety of devices.Set up 1 device and 1 account for access to bookmarks, notes, and highlights to save your books. Custom catalogs can also be sent using their OPDS addresses. With the Bookviser software, one specific step enables it, to make your text selection and sharing menu pop up with just your finger and thumb on any word.

Provide a thousands of FREE public domain books

  • Customizable colors and fonts
  • So many features for reading and organizing files on Windows phones and tablets.
  • Text sharing, Bookmarks and footnotes support.
  • Sideload your own files.
  • You can find thousands of free public domain books here.
  • Bookviser account you can synchronize your reading across multiple Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 devices
  • It can store a backup of your books, bookmarks, notes, and highlights.
  • Text to Speech support
  • Transparent Tile support
  • We can browse major OPDS catalogs from within the app
Thousands of books with no installation costs are available through Bookviser Reader Premium. There are a variety of titles from public catalogs that you can browse to find titles that are right for you. The web is also a great place to buy and download books. You can import books from local file-sharing lists, in addition to importing files from email through my account.
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