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Bonjour is a technology developed by Apple that automatically detects computers, services and equipment connected to local networks. Bonjour refers to Zero Configuration Networking, a set of technologies used to create IP networks that do not require configuration and installation of supporting servers. Rather than trying to send and receive anonymous IP addresses, Bonjour allows each device on the network to communicate with each other. Besides showing a printed wizard, Bonjour provides a system service and an Internet Explorer plugin which displays local web server information. As well as receiving and receiving UDP packets (port 5353), Bonjour runs a cloud VPN (netVPN) program. This port will allow you to open it if necessary, since the Bonjour system service will monitor network requests, caches device requests, and serve the list of connections to your firewall. When this happens, it is almost as simple to locate network devices and services. By running Bonjour, documents can be attached to the network in addition to on a local server.

- Network services and devices are automatically detected ly detecting network services and devices;

- Make copies of documents on network printers.

networking because it creates an environment where you can make communication easier. Network configuration and setup in this field have been quite challenging, which is why you won't find configuration of servers with Bonjour.
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Print using Bonjour with a printer with ethernet or usb connections. Packets from both the UDP port 53 and its connection port 51 are sent and received over this connection.
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