Boilsoft Video Splitter

by Boilsoft Systems International

Video editing software to cut, split, or trim various video files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Boilsoft Systems International

Release: Boilsoft Video Splitter 7.02.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The program takes large videos of any size, even very large ones, and allows editing them. It is possible to cut, split, or trim a video into several segments based on parameters like the size of the file or the length of time it is intended to run. As well as allowing for splitting of all forms into others, it makes it possible for the original quality to be kept.


  • In the case of splitting, repercussion is not required.encoding. Using this technique, they seem to be able to split ten times as fast.
  • From one format, your video may be split into several different files rather than the original format.
  • The original video file can be split to make it more accessible to the user. A user can freely modify the original. But, if the user desires to have multiple videos of equal size, this is also easily done with the Boilsoft Video Splitter software.
  • It utilized user-The advantages include: rnative features such as drag-Click on the drop-down menu to intuitively edit video. Included with encoders, each is included.

Boilsoft Video Splitter, formerly called AVI / MPEG / RM / WMV Splitter, for Windows 7 or later costs $34.The application can edit several types of video formats and is accessible via the Boilsoft website. It is able to convert AVI to MP4, 3GP to RM, ASF andWMV to WAV, MKV, MP3, and FLV to make it sound as nice as it looks on. There are a multitude of capabilities at his disposal. A bonus is that Boilsoft also offers tutorials to explain using its tools for AVI, MP4, MP2, MPV2, OGG, SMP4, RM, 3GP, Xvid, 3G2, and M4A, WMV, VOBs. There are many reasons these lessons are so simple and to the point; they even tell viewers which part of each file means what. In addition to being supported for Microsoft Windows 98/ME/ 2000, XP/ 2003, Windows Vista/ and Windows 7 operating systems, it can be used for Mac OS X versions as well.

It receives the high marks for its importance.

System Requirements:

Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or later

Versions of Windows XP, ME, 2000, or 2003, versions of Windows Vista, or Windows 7 are available.

Alicia Sasser
It's great that the software accepts files up to 2 GB!! The ability to trim videos as well as long-length content gives me the freedom to edit larger video files in my own particular way. The entire product is fantastic.
Brian Gollmer
You can edit large videos by using the Boilsoft Video Splitter software. Multiple segments are able to be cut, split, or trimmed from a video. It's possible to make a choice of how long you'd like it to be. It supports different video formats. Post-edit appears to have been no less effective.
Kieran Mcswain
When using Boilsoft Video Splitter for Windows, you will be able to split any large file without sacrificing its quality. It is possible to cut multiple types of files into smaller Clips and to even split them into several segments with this software.
Using the tools provided in Windows 7, you can cut your larger video file into a small movie. This may include extracting frames and saving as images. It is possible to save your larger video file as any format you choose for future versions, for instance, Windows 8 or 10.
Download Boilsoft Video Splitter for Windows if you need a video splitting program. This program does not only offer ultra-fast speeds.While still very fast and efficient, it has unmatched high standards of quality in terms of image quality, while not allowing any sort of compromise. This program is incredibly convenient to use as it can do various file types, such as WMV to ASF, along with t's super convenient to use because it can split all kinds of files, ranging from WMV to ASF to MPEG.
My college class needed videos made, so I needed this software. There are times where I do a video and end up making so many mistakes and taking a lot of time getting the project off my plate. My videos are easier to create with this product, as I only need to spend hours remaking them. As far as I'm concerned, I no longer have to worry about doing something incorrectly. At the end of the process, all I have to do is edit the mess to make things simpler. I love this product. The product is wonderful for those who must make short videos for classes or simply for the enjoyment of being able to make it. Aside from presentations, this product would make a great addition to any business presentation. It's great! If you create short videos, this tool really helps!! Here is a link to get started: go, go, go!
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