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Release: Blumind 1.3

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I use this product specifically for my business partners because I find it easy to map out my processes based on information they provide, and it is clear and detailed. There are specific topics and sub- topics I can track, giving percentages of how far everyone's ahead.I was so excited about so many topics, including so much more. In my opinion, that may provide a good way to visualize who is at a given point as well as what their deadlines might be, as well as how much everyone needs help getting to them, with an end goal of being achieved at one point. You don't need to switch the color scheme simply because something happened; it might be nice to adjust it to what you really want. It keeps the mind map fresh and in sync with what you see. Limit is your imagination, mazon is your imagination!


  • It is always a good idea to have a save option.
  • Being able to map out and organize everything that you have, breaking down your thoughts, into ideas, and game plans
  • Being very precise with what you have, where it should go, saving accordingly, and if you make a mistake, you can just delete it and re-do it without any issue
  • Being able to capture what you have jotted down, IMMEDIATELY. In addition, you will also be able to add new minds to the collection.

In addition to being useful for your own ideas and thoughts, this program provides a glimpse into what your organization may look like as a whole and visualizing what the next phase of your development will be--as well as where to take your project. For a person who is looking forward to learning, it can make it easier to see the big picture first, so they can step up to something that is relevant. Blumind definitely goes into making that happen, and so much more. With Blumind, I don't see how you can go wrong!

In my opinion, having a visual of exactly how your thoughts are mapped and planned seems to be a blessing as well. It was rare for me to discover another tech like it out there.

You can use Windows to work with your PC - there are no restrictions. It's totally free!

Blumind 1.3 (0.63 MB)
You can build your own mental map with Blumind, a handy, smart and versatile personal management tool you can utilize to get the handle on a variety of projects that are important to you in order to be successful. You can improve the flow of information and enhance efficiency by recording your thoughts, inspirations, and brainstorm sessions.
I cannot believe my computer would be infected with a virus through this little webpage. When I am watching porn, I sometimes get an ad pop-up. This is not a good download, so I won't recommend it.
A great app for creating group projects and reminding yourself of important notes, Blumind can help you organize and share thoughts. An intuitive interface and an easy-to-use design make the app stand out. The tool can be used to sort your thoughts in a clear design that makes it easy for you to communicate and organize.
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Calum Jeffery
In order to keep track of all of the activities, you could use Blumind to simulate mind maps.
My ideas are easily found and I am able to meditate on them. The software enables various drawings, graphs, themes, icons, bubbles and images to be open and edited simultaneously, including multiple documents at once. This is great! Thanks a lot.
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