by VSO Software

Copy the contents of a CD or DVD to your computer or another disk

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VSO Software

Release: Blindwrite

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can copy the entire contents of a disk directly to the computer using this tool. This product is highly intuitive and easy to use, and is one of the simplest ways for anyone to begin a computer repair. Although you have all the necessary computer skills, even if you do not have one, you can use this software and find yourself feeling like a hero since your vital information has been protected through the digital transmission of it.


  • You have the freedom of input to choose the read and write speeds
  • Additionally, you can specify the type of CD you are attempting to copy and even make the program aware that there might be damage to the CD. There is no need to worry about it working.
  • It is possible to copy videos to form exact copies for their own enjoyment. It doesn't matter what happens to your DVD, as long as you back it up, it will still stay on the shelf. It's not important to worry about losing another movie that you love doing!!
  • Support for a multitude of different formats, including ISO, CCD, CUE, BIN, and MDS
  • You even have the option of playing your saved movies directly from your computer. By default, you must set the files up locally; you'll just run them on a virtual hard drive and set them up there.

In situations where you require both a backup of your computer's hard drives as well as multiple copies of discs, this program is excellent. Its price is generous, and its easy use makes this a good deal. It is very easy to ensure that your beloved media will be backed up while you work with this program, regardless of the level of familiarity you have with how a computer works.

There is only one button that needs to be clicked.
  • Only works with windows
  • Must have 500mb of RAM with Windows XP and 1gb with visa and above
  • Must have 4.3gb free storage
  • Must have a DVD burner to use this software
  • Can not be used for Wii games, PlayStation games, or Xbox games
Ricky Brown
I needed an application that would transfer some DVDs that are plugged into my computer into a backup drive. It is so gratifying to find Blindwrite. I also really like how fast and easy it is to use. This program is excellent for moving CDs and DVDs into or onto your computer.
In terms of user interfaces, Blindwrite gives me one of the best results. This is not my first experience with using another program which may have been complicated and old, but with Blindwrite it was convenient to copy contents of a CD to computer in one file.
DeVeDe works just like any other DVD maker but is free to install and use. The program is user friendly and easy to use. You can choose from a variety of formats to suit your needs. Ads cannot be watermarked. If you are a boomer, this is the perfect gift. You can make dvds by downloading it and printing them.
By taking advantage of BlindWrite, users can create backups of their multimedia files in order to protect them in case of an explosion or a failure of their hard drive or to prepare for the event they will need to move. This is recommended if you require a place to store your data safely while
Andrew Fish
Excellent software!! Playing video games is fun, but I have never had the ability to back up all of them, until Blind wrote all the game code, burned it and left me a DVD of it. It is also faster than normal to back up my files to DVDs. The Blind Write tool makes back ups to DVDs so simple that it doesn't take that much time at all.
Blindwrite software's easy-to-use interface, ease of use, and simple interface provide a reason to make it a Windows product. In addition to Bluray, normal DVDs work with it as well. CD formats are supported in varying degrees. The following three basics can be simplified. Read, Write, Copy This can work well in both Windows – 32 & 64 bit platform.
It can be very beneficial to blindwrite Windows. By doing so, I got rid of much of my DVDs' contents quickly and efficiently via a hard drive, and this greatly simplifies and improves access to stuff I need easily. By doing this, I will be able to watch all my favorite movies without having to worry about scratches to the dvd. In addition, I can tailor the back up settings quite a bit since I have numerous profile options for the particular disk I would like to back up. It will be useful for many other things in the future.
It is now easier for me to back up all the multimedia files I have been recording. A CD player is suitable for it. There are also DVD's and games available. You will be able to use it easily since it has an intuitive interface. Many CD utilities have appeared throughout my life, but I found this one to be the simplest and the output file to ensure continuous play. It is a great utility if it works with Blindwrite.
A review of about the software : 1. With this program, you can read/write on a CD/DVD. 2. Contains all types of files and images for reading and writing. 3. A very fast-resize CD / DVD is read by it. 4. User mode is - It is a person.friendly tool. 5. Cross platform support is made possible through it. 6. A little over 30% of the operating systems in existence are running on Windows, Mac, or UNIX. 7. Back up the multimedia files to CDs or DVDs is essential features of this software.
The Windows edition of Blindwrite provides easy-to-use software for protecting and editing CDs and DVDs. Despite having a very simple design and a variety of feature sets, it has a highly secure back-up option.No matter what method you follow, you can safely access your information thanks to the support available. - if you'd like to back it up.You can access your information with blindwrite and make any necessary security changes.
The first product I purchased that allows you to burn cds and dvds on your Windows computer was Blindwrite. My kids tend to mess with my PC, so I want my data backed up in the event of a problem. In this case, it's really easy to use. Files will not be compressed or stripped by the program. The program copies and burns files as they are in the original versions. The software works on my computer as a virtual drive and can support multiple formats. It's cool.
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