Bitwig Studio

by Bitwig GmbH

You can easily create, perform, and edit your own musical ideas with Bitwig Studio.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bitwig GmbH

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bitwig Studio is a program for creating music, which has a standard set of functions, typical for professional music editors. By default, BS comes with an arrangement window, a project material inspector, and a toolbar as well as a default interface. The next option in the program is the lounge mode that will be useful when performing live. With this mixer working in the lounge mode, you will no longer have to worry about viewing, programming, mixing, playing with instruments, etc.As an alternative, a screen piano keyboard can also be installed.

In addition to its incredibly convenient built-in file browser, the program comes with plenty of predefined settings, instruments, samples, music (for DJs), and many other components. Moreover, this browser has the ability to update the installed version of Windows VS.plugins in real time. You don't even have to restart Bitwig Studio to apply updates. There is a danger that working on several computers with different versions of the plug could lead to errors.There will be a browser section where differences can be clearly displayed and resolved among VST versions. No matter what plugin you are using, the program will not automatically restart if it detects a problem. You can temporarily disable it and finish working with the project.

Even in Bitwig Studio it is very convenient to work with tools. If you select one of these tools as a panel in the application's interface, a special menu shows up as soon as you click the "+" symbol. You can add them right away by hovering your mouse over them two separate times. This is mostly the case for tool-sets containing sockets that allow for further plugging-in.ins.

- There are three options for music editors: independent and customizable panels that can be accessed via a web interface; ;

- The use of this can in live performances;

- Tab-based browser which separates materials by tabs automatically.

- in case of an "crash" allows running an updated version of the plugin without restarting or disabling it; It displays the conflicts in the plugin versions and can update them without restarting.

- is capable of working comfortably with several projects simultaneously.

My Bitwig Studio music sets it apart from others in how it gives me complete control over every aspect of how I work, so I can quickly develop new ideas and create them into full songs, tracks and compositions.
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