by BitSpirit

A user friendly BitTorrent client that allows downloads of all different file types

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BitSpirit

Release: BitSpirit

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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BitSpirit allows peer-to-Any type of file can be peer-peered to. There are no restrictions on the number of simultaneous downloads of this service, making it great for families and small businesses.


  • Trackerless Support
  • High Speed and low CPU usage
  • Fast job resume
  • Unicode support
  • Disk cache
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Protocol Encryption
  • Shutdown computer when the job is done

BitSpirit is a program that uses torrent technology with the use of peer to peer sharing. You are also able to download files on top of your collection. Having several users that can download as many as they need, BitSpirit has impressive download speeds. Files can easily be viewed and downloaded with BitSpirit. BitSpirit is an excellent tool for users because it eliminates the need to download the files or maintain the computers in any way, making it simple for users to use their computers.

BitSpirit allows previewing while downloading

Using this BitTorrent client allows you to grab files quickly while not confusing you with a difficult interface. Compared to other BitTorrent programs, these files are not as plentiful, so you will find some files for download that you can still share. To enjoy the use of trackerless assistance and multi-touch interfaces, BitSpirit will be a good choice.Additionally, it supports NAT traversal, file-saving support, and support for HTML and CSS 4 proxy files.

This website is a good choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sources of entertainment from the traditional options. Users that haven't tried Dropbox may find this a good option as it is user-friendly.friendly. New users, as well as existing users, may also be impressed by BitSpirits fast job resume feature, disk cache, preview while downloading, schedule tasks feature, and magnet link support. Overall this is a good choice for users of all technology use speeds and can be accessed through BitTorrent, Betanews, and Brothersoft.

Betanews, torrent and Brothersoft all offer stable versions.

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Using BitSpirit, torrent technology and peer-to-peer sharing can be used at the same time. a user has the ability to upload as well as download files. Having several users that can download as many as they need, BitSpirit has impressive download speeds. files efficiently and conveniently by using bitSpirit. The main benefit of BitSpirit is that you do not have to deal with a lot of PC usage when grabbing files or maintaining use of their systems for more than a few minutes. Using BitSpirit enables the user to take advantage of a set of trackerless support options, plus multiple applications.Additionally, it supports NAT traversal, file-saving support, and support for HTML and CSS 4 proxy files.
The BitSpiritTorrent software is available over most platforms as a highly customize BitTorrent program. uTorrent can be shared, and scheduling tasks can be done using the application. The Private Tracker application has a magnet link support as well. support for disk caching, the implementation of UPnP, fast jobs, and the support of NAT spanning. Protocol encryption is also supported. This is a very powerful program to help you run your torrent activities successfully. There is nothing else to recommend other than this.
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Downloads occur in real-time on its download queue, UPNP port mappings are supported, NAT traversal(UDP transport), a multiple file torrent package can be downloaded using disk cache. Other features include a chatting experience with other torrent users, peer torrent community activity, and uTorrent.filter, etc.
With BitSpirit you can torrent in an easy to use and clean manner. Several of the necessary features can be accessed when torrenting, and it also allows a user to shut the PC down when it has finished reproducing. Software to torrent on this platform is of high quality, there are many features supporting it and on top of it all. When you do more than one torrent, the feature can help you increase the speed, since a schedule can be set at when necessary so that you can torrent at the appropriate rate.
My awe at discovering this software hit me when I first heard about it. There are so many features and tools in this program. I am so grateful for this. The first time I used this, it was a bit of a shock, but I plan to keep using it more often. I would definitely be grateful if you gave it a try.
Almost all my problems are sorted out as long as I can navigate on the internet and multiple layers at the same time.Download torrents while using a web browser. The problem with uTorrent is that it caused a slow and crashing problem in my computer. I had to dump it. There are not all the bells and whistles used in comparison with other types of audio. As a consequence, this client downloads torrents extremely fast, and without any significant slowing of your computer because of CPU usage.
You will not have to spend a lot of money on this software product. You should use it if you are looking for a reliable, safe, easy to learn, trustworthy, secure and easy product. You can view downloads of more than 1600 times a month over the past three months. As a powerful program with a consistently high rating, it also represents consistency well. When you update the page, you should have updated it in 2021. The application provides many features such as simultaneous downloads, disc caching, chat with peers, and more.
Microsoft's operating systems provide the download software, which allows multiple downloads while using one system. BitTorrent has been around since 2010, and it's easy to install and access. BitSpirit permits smoother distribution of content, as it was introduced after BitTorrent became more popular. Compared with its competitors, Download has a very fast pace.
This program is really good to use and extremely easy to use. In comparison to other software, this program had a lot of features that made it unique. Whenever I needed to share torrent files, I had this software available. Using it is very simple. You may have to wait a few minutes as sometimes it does not function properly, other times it looks great on your device.
In regards to BitSpirit, I have been using it for quite some time for their user interface which is very quick and easy to use. Their rival programs look rather boring. The first use of this software is for proxy work - you can set up a proxy and configure speed limits - and then for setup of the speed limit. As I possessed very minimal torrent filesharing knowledge, I was able to get two software from BitSpirit that not only didn't only have a full suite of easily understandable controls, but as well demonstrated the simplicity of torrents-sharing through easy-learning software components. I have a clear understanding of the major program functions that are readily available to me, as well as descriptions of how they work in every feature. This program actually saves data to my computer when there are threats, and it even uses the security feature to find and protect file (*clicking *passed*folder'. There are hundreds of programs that have been downloaded that have been deemed unnecessary but are actually useful due to the fact that they are used frequently.
Downloading uTorrent files via BitSpirit for Windows is simple and efficient since its user is committed to doing things properly in terms of accurate accuracy and effectiveness. Thanks to its full suite of features, including port mapping and download capabilities at multiple times, it is in a league of its own. While using BitSpirit, I am also able to surf the Internet through it.
For uTorrent to download, BitSpirit works great on Windows. I love the ease of accessing torrent files. The output will always be accurate no matter how fast it is. Thanks to BitSpirit, I'll have the option of keeping track of multiple downloads at the same time, reducing my schedule and giving me greater convenience. As an added bonus, the download option for a variety of files is also nice for me.
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