by Bitser

Windows users can use Bitser to back up and manage their archive content for free.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bitser

Release: Bitser 1.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bitser is freeware backup and archive software, similar to WinRAR, 7-For Zip and WinZip, please use the alternate user interface instead.


  • Creates: ZIP, 7-ZIP, EXE (SFX- create self -extracting and split archives)
  • Scan files for viruses and malware via VirusTotal`s online scanner
  • Does not include any adware or bundle software from other vendors.
  • Creates compressed backups of your data
  • Right-click shortcut menu
  • Convert archives between formats
  • Drag-and-drop support for adding and updating archives
  • AES-Documents that are encrypted with a 256 bit Bit encryption can be backed up securely.
  • Supports multithreading on multiprocessor or multicore systems
  • Password manager stores multiple passwords in a single AES encrypted file.
  • Find and deletes empty folders from the context menu.
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, and older editions support this application. Windows w/Vista 2003, XPbit (32 bit).64bit)
  • Reports showing the history of archived files, parameters used and comparison of compression ratios.
  • Digitally signed and certified by Microsoft
  • Windows MSI installer
  • The software interface can be translated into any language.

Bitser is relatively good and free archiving utility to use. In addition to using it easily, you will not need another program as it will do the job for you for you. Compared to Windows 32 bit & 64 bit programs, Bitser supports 64 bit programs so you can program both 34 bit and 32 bit programs right into context menu. Sense of community is created by the application interface. Bitser allows you to access and create archives that can encrypt and be password protected and more. There is a freeware version of Bitser software that allows multiple passwords to be stored.

Software downloads are available for free for users.

Requires Microsoft.NET Framework4.0 to run If this resource is not available, it will be automatically downloaded and installed on your PC.

Ivan Sullican
Where to begin?? These days, I work with a wide range of large databases, files, and critical applications in my field. I've been using Bitser since then and have been able to provide data in a more efficient way by providing data and results in this way.
The Bitser Zip Backup Software is one of the industry's leading zip file backup options because you can keep your files separate from an archive. Its elegant, easy-to-use interface and continuously available backups make it a great program for your digital storage. anyone that wants their files to be backed up securely and efficiently while also keeping safe and accurate records. Both 64-bit and 32-bit versions are supported.bit and 32-Windows has a lot of bits, so you need this to stay comfortable.
Ruaridh Dempsey
This free Windows program helps you organize your archives and backup files like you would WinZip or 7-Zip.Use WinRAR and Zip in place of an alternate interface. In contrast to the backing application environment, Bitser's user interface is reminiscent of its explorer-style view of the file system. Open source 7- performs all archiving functions without any modifications.As well as Zip Compression software, we support archive formats such as Zip Saver and Zip Explorer. Additional information on how to check a filename identity is available from Bitser via the password manager and MD5/SHA checksum calculator.
It does both, but with a more familiar interface for File Explorer users than 7zip. It provides a way to manage your passwords and extract and zip information. The zipped file management can be quite simple and you can drag and drop folders using its nice interface.
In order to extract files such as, a biter is, .zipx, .7z, .rar, .Also known as "bzip2", bzip3, and many others. By adding Bitser to your windows explorer, you will be able to read a range of different data. You can use this to view most compressed Internet downloads. Definitely, Bitserr is different from similar software like this as well. You will find five tabs on this screen: “Create”, “Manage”, “Report”, “Passwords” and “Options”. Feedback: This software has no user issues, and it is user friendly in comparison to most programs. There is no reason you cannot get into these types of activities quickly if you understand computer. The Bitser software has been selected for your training in entering the meaning of changes to a password, files, backing up, and encryption on a website.
Bitser, on Windows, proved to be a godsend. As for the user interface and improved performance, I feel that it's a terrific alternative WinZip. numerous types of files to provide a fuller-out user experience.service than alternatives. As well as providing password managers, zip file creators, an archive and more functionality, it provides a complete set of options. Anti-Your computer is protected by virus and malware scans.
The Bitser for Windows has similarities to WinZip and is available in 7 versions.WinRAR and Zip are well known for being creative ways to use the interface. The file can be accessed from it.VirusTotal offers a combined online scanner and antivirus scanning for ZIP files simultaneously and protects your computer as well. This makes it possible for you to zip files while still protecting it. With this feature and the smart features, it's easy to operate and is highly use of password manager, I do NOT recommend Bitzer.
It offers archiving and backup functionality for Windows free of charge. In addition to WinZip and 7-bitiser, there are numerous other programs available.Using either zip or WinRAR, though. Additionally, a variety of archive file types are supported, as well as the option to share file types with others.Using 256-bit encryption, private data can be kept on a password-protected server. With a total number of over 750,000 downloads since July 2021, Bitser supports major versions of Windows.Bitser offers a wonderful alternative to traditional archiving software if you have grown tired of looking at them.
Whenever I encounter a file, I strive to make it smaller. Windows Bitsner makes this process easier for me. It's used to zip and unzip files to back up. You can download it for free. Whenever I open Windows Explorer, it creates the files from the same location. I love how time can be saved by such an amazing tool. Additionally, security has been a focus. Malware and viruses are scanned for in it. Having the information at my fingertips has made my mind go to sleep.
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