BitMeter OS

by Codebox Software

A tool that allows you to track bandwidth usage across multiple operating systems and make recommendations on what to do next.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Codebox Software

Release: BitMeter OS 0.7.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Multi-product is the product's basic concept.It offers many data consumption options with its faceted structure. Take a look at the nitty-dotes.gritty.


  • Alerting - allows you to be alerted when certain events that you have predetermined occur
  • Query - The ability to select the data set that you wish to search for - Among other things, you might want to determine whether specific users have downloaded a certain file or why certain users consume large amounts of bandwidth. By blocking torrents, you can end torrenting within your company.
  • History - pretty self-explanatory - The bandwidth usage history includes how many times users used the bandwidth. Budgeting for the year is easier with this information in your data bank. An individual or system can be responsible for all expenses incurred when using certain software systems.
  • Preferences - You set your guidelines here, which is the hub where all your decisions are made. The setting can be for various bandwidth allocations, speed allocations, and data flow allocations. By doing this, company resources will be used appropriately for which they were explicitly assigned, not for download outside material or web surfing.

Having such a tool is essential for any IT monitoring team. By turning it off, you can generate useful charts. As a result, you can monitor bandwidth use at any time. You will receive a budget in the post ensuring your budget remains on track and that your financials are not left on the run. Managers of all levels of common sense will be able to use this tool right away and wish to add it to their companies. Likewise, employee productivity will improve. In all unfortunate circumstances, you always have a record of what happened.

Flexible, such as this software, makes it able to adapt itself to a variety of environments in real time.

Because it covers MAC, Windows, and Linux, this tool can be plugged into any environment. The tool does not incur any installation costs. It has another option for browsing the tool -- a web browser version which makes it a lot easier to customize.

BitMeter provides IT users with the opportunity to accurately record bandwidth usage. The system allows you to track, set alerts, search for information, and keep a detailed history of all user activity to make it easily accessible. With a flexible, adaptable design, the software will fit into many scenarios easily.
Software used to collect data about bandwidth across operating systems, monitor the status of event flow, and locate specific data that can be searched for. It is useful to monitor the performance and security of servers and other equipment.
Fraser Ta
To manage your windows connections via Windows bansand tools, sign in using a Windows 7 email address.
With BitMeter OS for Windows, I can calculate my bandwidth for free. All kinds of information about my bandwidth can be monitored, such as how I'm connected to the Internet. Internet access makes it possible for me to see all this information. Thanks to the web interfaces that enable me to visualize my connections on a multitude of visuals and pictures, it's easy to analyze how I've been using the internet the past three months.
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