BitDefender Total Security 2019


The ultimate mega-suite that goes beyond antivirus and anti-malware software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SOFTWIN

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Founded by highly regarded BitDefender LLC, BitDefender Total Security provides reliable preventative security against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, and other online threats to computer security, along with comprehensive and accurate system maintenance.

Among other systems security products offered by SoftWin are BitDefender Free Edition antivirus and sophisticated BitDefender Antivirus. As part of its BitDefender line, SoftWin is also working on a powerful solution for comprehensive Internet security, based on its antivirus software division.


- Anti-virus software is an integral part of PCs on which there is real-time protection from spyware, viruses, and other malware.

- utilizes advanced proactive detection methods;

- Detect and remove rootkits (viruses);

- minimizes system load due to smooth, responsive game play.

- Real-time tracking is used to detect spyware threats in real time.


- By filtering access to web pages, these efforts protect against phishing attempts;

- As a result of the software, we are prevented from leaking information through the Internet or the network, thereby reducing the risk of identity theft.


- Provides control over applications' accessibility to the Internet when hiding your computer from hackers, setting stealth mode, etc.

- provides a filtering function that helps prevent unauthorized access.Fi internet connection. Informs you that some of your computers are logged in with the security code.


- In the next step, new methods are adapted with greater speed; to respond more effectively to newly discovered spamming.

- This tool makes cheating more difficult by preventing various types of cheating.The email address os in order to reach your e-mail account.


- Access to e-mail and the network is limited to inappropriate content;

- allows or restricts users to access the network over a certain period of time.


- With CD-R and local backup, you can ensure your data is protected.R/RW or DVD-R/RW;

- Backs up all new files on the fly according to the default Scheduler.


- Files and registry entries that are not needed are deleted, resulting in improved PC performance.

- Using ly wipe your hard drive completely to preserve it and trace ly erases confidential files and "traces" of these files from the disk to prevent their possible recovery.

With BitDefender Total Security 2019, you can keep your hard drive safe from malware and its persistent updates without having to trust a program that seeks payment and keeps updating an ever-eludingly sketchy application seems safer than it appears. Those of you with computers should check it out, because you should think it is created with gamers in mind.
Virus, Spyware,spam, and other online risk threats are also protected by BitDefender Total Security's ANTIVIRUS and ANTISPYWARE components.Hidden threats are also identified and removed with this software.Compared to other antivirus software, it provides quicker response times.
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