BitDefender Internet Security 2019

by BitDefender

Software helping people find internet security for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BitDefender

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The free version of BitDefender Internet Security 2009 keeps your family connected to the Internet virus-free while keeping your computer fully powered up. You can control your children's Internet access as a parent using this powerful computer program that blocks viruses, hackers, and spam while on the Internet.

It also includes both antivirus and continuous system monitoring.Anti-virus tools, antivirus programs, rootkit protection, proactive detection of emails and messengers, and support for malicious programs can be used to detect mail and messenger viruses. A firewall and parental control module are included in the complex as well.

- Files can be shared from friends, relatives, colleagues, and stranger...

- Improved: analyzes networks, emails, and instant messages for viruses and spyware in real time. Anti-Virus heuristics protect the antivirus against a variety of new and emerging viruses.

- Privacy protection: Protects your personal information: shop, bank; Ensure your security, while listening to your monitoring system. A block attempts to steal personal data (phishing). Improved: Creates privacy and data protection settings for email, instant messaging, and the Internet.

- A high degree of encryption is utilized for communication so that it remains safe. Instant messaging coding. Personal information or sensitive files can be stored in file storage safely.

- The system uses all the latest secure port technology available to connect anywhere a network is available, in the workplace or at home. This automatic configuration automatically configures the firewall settings based on the location. The Wi-In order to prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network, Fi monitors are available.Fi network;

- Protects the life and properties of your family and their computers. It blocks access to Internet servers containing inappropriate emails and websites. Keeping children's access to the Internet and applications limited;

- are running smoothly and without interruptions. Improved: Utilizes less system resources and avoids requests from users ;

- Your computer's performance is finely tailored to its requirements. Few system resources are utilized;

- The laptop mode has a longer battery life;

- family network protection. Control your home network's security at any time from anywhere in the world. Software from BitDefender can be automatically configured from its network on other machines. Moreover, scanning, configuration, updating, and supporting the application can all take place on demand within a few hours, which increases productivity.

- Get hourly updates from this source. The latest threats will only be detected if you receive hourly updates. It is completely ok to lose program files. File losses due to PC problems are rare, but BitDefender automatically recovers llege, BitDefender automatically recovers and modifies itself;

- Get free help 24 hours a day. Whether it's on the phone, by email, or chat, we have access to our expert security staff 24/7.

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