by Bitcoin Project

Allows for storing Bitcoin on windows safely

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bitcoin Project

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Bitcoin is a fast-growing program for earning electronic money. In a peer-to-peer program, data is pooled between of information between groups of peers. Bitcoin does not have a control center, the program works according to algorithms, and all data on transactions are stored by the system members in an encrypted form.

A user can transact freely with Internet through third parties without being connected to third parties or intermediaries with the application. This system offers the world wide ability to control its own economic and political situation as well as the rates in bank interest rates. Each participant has a different power level on his or her computer in order for Bitcoin's money supply to be equal. Bitcoins (digital currency) are earned by PCs. Through this system, resources are sold and bought. A brief introduction to bitcoin ing program work? It's very simple. Installation of the distribution is as simple as downloading it and installing it on your computer. Using his/her contacts, the user can see bitcoins at the exchange, transfer them to other exchanges, and view transactions.

- Opensource status;

- e-learning is becoming increasingly important.Using PC resources, it is possible to convert any currency with this currency with the help of PC resources;

- The inclusion or exclusion of people from the participation in the system.

- There is no basis in reliability with cryptographic keys.

- simple and user-friendly client interface.

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