by Bitcasa

A cloud-based program that allows you to edit, back-up, and sync your files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bitcasa

Antivirus check: passed

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Bitcasa is an app that allows you to back up your files, sync your data, and access your files from any of your computers. Stored on a cloud server, Bitcasa will enable you to access your files from your computer, your tablet, or your mobile phone.


  • Storage is Infinite. Bitcasa stores your files on a cloud, which saves you space on your personal equipment. Having just one file saved in the cloud is a great thing for not having to store all the ones you need, which could not be backed up in a cloud.
  • A connection to the Internet is not required for this activity. As part of any plan, if you do not have an internet connection, or you know that you will be somewhere without one, you can sync your files prior to the implementation and download them on your specific platform where you will be accessible. Whenever you reactivate your internet connection, your changes can then be backed up to the Bitcasa servers.
  • You can access your files from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Windows and Android are both supported by Bitcasa. access your data, whether you are at home, on a computer, at an event away from home, or both. Almost any device can be used for file sharing, and access is available on all types of computers.
  • AES-256 Bit Encryption. In simple terms, your files are protected from people who don't want to have access to them. In the event someone breaches your data without your permission, your work will be protected under the Bitcasa encryption.

it as an easy way of connecting online, providing access back-end, and backing up all of your data.You can sync your files from anywhere. As long as you ask, it does provide relatively fast service. If you're looking for a cloud service for your PC/tablet/mobile device, take a look at Bitcasa, as it provides everything you are looking for in a service.

You don't need to have an internet connection to access your information.

On Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 it does not work.

cloud to work from anywhere or to hold files for backups. Also unlimited storage, which makes backups, as well as interchanges, much less difficult. It's a good cloud based service that doesn't require an internet connection to access your data.
In addition to backing up any documents you may need in a backup process, Bitcasa comes with automatic support for all other online services. Using this system for use while traveling, on a work trip, or in a day when Wi-Fi is likely to be out of reach. You can also use a desktop / mobile tablet version.
Finn from Finland
There are numerous apps to choose from, but Bitcasa on Windows deserves every single one. All of your files can be saved and synced to and from any computer using this program. In Bitcasa, you can create unlimited storage of your files through a cloud, saving you from losing personal data. There is no requirement that you use a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone to access your files. It has AES-An encryption program that guards against unauthorized access to your files by protecting them from 256 bit encryption attacks.
They can manage their content from anywhere they are. Files can be easily shared with Bitcasa. In order to keep your files safe and also share them safely, you should probably use this service. This type of goal can be very easily accomplished thanks to the software. It's an excellent service, and I believe that everyone knows about it.
Jayden Ivey
A key element of Bitcasa is its ability to support reinforcement, synchronizing, and accessing your records from your computer. The Bitcasa cloud-based program allows you to make and view your documents on virtually any device.By using Bitcasa, you can: surf, back-click, search, and share.Then, set up your records, including your phone number. You are generally able to request what you require within a few minutes.
The Bitcasa is an excellent cloud-storage device because of its ease of maintenance.
The Bitcasa for Windows application extends your storage over the cloud. File sharing allows it to be attached to a computer or can be taken anywhere. You can also free your hard drive of files that could not be stored in the cloud by freeing up its storage. If your hard drive starts bleeding out, you shouldn't need a new computer. Whenever I transfer files to the cloud, my files remain secure.
With Bitcasa for Windows, it is very easy to be able to keep all of your internal files hidden. As the product works across all kinds of devices, you don't need to worry about losing any pictures you take. When Bitcasa for Windows is installed, you'll be able to safely store and move data using cloud computing technology. As a result of Bitcasa for Windows, all you need for storage is free up an ever increasing amount of space on your computer, tablet or phone. If you have a wide variety of storage needs, Bitcasa for Windows is a great choice. Those things will last you forever.
The phone application can work on a wide range of devices, including IOS and Android. The software is mobile, so it lets you use the software from your desk or your home computer, it even lets your home computer communicate with the iPhone. Accessing your stuff is very easy with this device because it does not require USB cables and the device functions just like one. All your devices are compatible with Bitcasa.
is one of the best apps to download for both mobile web and smartphones because all your important data is all in one place. Devices such as your phone, tablet, and computer can be connected to your device. You can download it from the Android and iOS app stores. As far as making large files go, you can even make a big file drive. As an added benefit, this app makes your files safe from tampering.
As a beta user, I was in on the original release since it featured a yearly fixed price. The original deal changed after it came out, now it provides more cloud storage but at a higher price, even if it didn't deliver as promised. When I asked why the process took so long, it was because they asked me to migrate my data as well, and the downloading speed was extremely slow as a result of this. After the entire load of data was moved, most of my files were corrupted and were unable to be moved in the cloud. This software wouldn't be the right choice for me if I tried it.
Web browsers and Linux apps as well as apps running on Android and Mac can store data with Bitcasa. After starting back in 2012, Bitcasa has had many years of experience. This company stands out from other businesses because of its ability to scale back the amount of user storage available via algorithms. By eliminating duplication in data, this goal can be achieved. In order to keep duplicate data from appearing in the cloud, it can be tagged to indicate its existence. The platform model has grown and changed over time. In the current model, users can store 10 times more storage than they previously could.
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