by Birdfont

A free font editor that allows you to export graphics.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Birdfont

Release: BirdFont 0.14

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Aside from editing fonts and creating vector graphics, this tool can export these files as well.


  • Following this product is easy as it only takes a few seconds. There are not many complicated steps to follow for setup or use of the product.
  • The interface that is used is very convenient and functional.
  • Since it offers an easy-to-use interface, users get started right away.
  • Users can purchase additional features through this program, which can be found as either a free program, or as a donation towards the program. With the program, ColorFonts, OpenType SVG, OTF fonts, and OpenType CFF can be designed, so that the program's commercial capabilities may be used.
  • It will cost you at least five dollars extra for each program between free and open source, depending on how it is installed.
  • It is the only difference between free and open source packages based on whether and how the software may be used commercially. It costs five US dollars for a commercial option, and ten US dollars for the plus option.
  • Alternatively, you can donate and pay a sum up to what's asked or less if you'd like to show your support toward the software developer on a monthly basis.

conclusion is that this software not only makes it simple to use but that it can also be used by individuals who want a better variety of fonts to utilize regularly. This software's also notable for allowing for the export of the images to other programs, which has not been possible so far for font and graphics programs; therefore this set up makes this an excellent example of market technology and innovation. users as well as its contents and may be used with no difficulty.

All major operating systems can be run with this software.
BirdFont 0.14 (41.91 MB)
BirdFont 0.37 (15.1 MB)
BirdFont 0.40 (15.12 MB)
BirdFont 1.0 (40.68 MB)
BirdFont 1.3 (40.69 MB)
BirdFont 1.8 (39.25 MB)
BirdFont 2.0.1 (40.56 MB)
BirdFont 2.8.3 (42.96 MB)
BirdFont 2.11.2 (43.25 MB)
BirdFont 2.11.8 (33.74 MB)
BirdFont 2.14.0 (34.19 MB)
BirdFont 2.15.6 (34.95 MB)
BirdFont 2.16.2 (34.97 MB)
BirdFont 2.16.5 (34.97 MB)
BirdFont 2.16.9 (34.98 MB)
BirdFont 2.18.4 (35.18 MB)
BirdFont 3.4.9 (36.59 MB)
Gizem Zambezi
Editors and designers that depend on fonts and monetize their use as readers, writers and web designers will find a font editor very useful. would definitely benefit from exporting graphics to the app as well as changing the font on a regular basis in a way that captured the attention of their viewers instead of seeing just that classic font. It seems like this tool is used a lot online.
An amazin software is a tool that uses so many styles of fonts, lets customize so many types of texts, has two plans, and has a high pricing range, I think they both cost the same.
If you're an avid gamer or don't know how to edit or write your own fonts, this can be your best option. There is also a source code package download free of charge. installer and source code packages are not restricted to a certain number of individuals. The export of fonts to a broad range of formats is an easy and efficient process. PDF editing is among the abilities it enables.
Alexander Grider
With BirdFont you can produce vector graphics and export all your different typefaces such as OTFs, TTFs and EOTs. Color and monochrome fonts are supported in the editor. In addition to a number of code words, the editor is written invala. Thousands of lines of code can be used to create endless fonts thanks to over 91 thousand lines of code.
With BirdFond For Windows - a recent product that gives you the ability to create vector graphics in which you make letters or other sounds - anybody regardless of their knowledge can do this.
Adding fonts to your computer is easy with this program. All people have access to an unlimited number of free fonts, so you will have the benefit of writing in a unique fonts with this font. In addition to creating great content, writers are also able to select unique fonts. This also makes it handy for small business publishers for creating unique poster and title pages. You can also create personalised letters and special invitations using this software. There is no installation fee for the software.
This free font editor lets you make, modify, and distribute TTF, EOT, and SVG fonts to your graphic design. software is simple to use and the support keeps working on bugs in order to add new features and make it easier for anyone to use a good font editor. Among the best font editors of all time, Birdfont clearly stands out.
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You can use font editor to use the OS Mac and Windows.