by Mark Russinovich

A system that displays important information about the computer in the background saving you time.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mark Russinovich

Release: BGInfo v4.27

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Many people who work on more than one computer will appreciate this program. It allows them to check their system information and ensure regular upgrades. The BGInfo (for Windows) is a great way to save time and go through numerous computers that you are working on without having to always go through numerous windows to find out the necessary system information to continue.


  • Important information such as computer IP, service pack version, computer name, and more
  • Edit all fields to suit your needs
  • Change background and font colors
  • Can be loaded upon boot of the computer or placed on the background.

Overall, I consider this to be a great download for people working on multiple computers and making a habit of keeping an eye on IP addresses, etc. Having a list of this information in an easily usable form ensures the user has all relevant information on hand so they never need to click through windows when searching for the information.

Find out important information about your computer's system faster.
BGInfo v4.27 (0.38 MB)
BGInfo 4.16 (0.38 MB)
In general, I use my desktop for all of my tasks, but I utilize my laptop or tablet for walking around the house. If you were lying to someone, you might benefit from this...There are many machines around which a person works throughout the day.
Working from several computers with this tool is fine.This is something I believe in and I would recommend it.
Tyler Somerville
Information about your Windows PC, like the name, IP address, and version, can be easily displayed with BLGAInfo when managing several computers. The information in this computer game can seem complicated, but it isn't that complex at all. My recommendation for anyone conducting IT business, and operating multiple computer systems simultaneously for optimal performance, would be to use the BGInfo.
Having this software on your device keeps the system info for weeks, in addition to letting you get all the system information you need at the same time.Creating a scheduler that runs this program frequently means the software can be run to keep running. By choosing a different location for this info and a different background color, you are enabling the display of this info in a different way. The fact that system information can be accessed without lengthy steps is incredible. Thank you BGInfo!!!!!
The configuration menu of this software is very helpful, and there are nice graphical appearance buttons. There are no better options than the command-line options. I find the app easy to use, effective, and reliable. App displays quite well in the background. The BgInfo application typically has the look and feel of something you'd see on your desktop, works easily and is easy to use on Macs. My opinion on the software is quite positive. I would definitely use this software.
Using multiple computers at the same time can be achieved with BSGInfo for Windows. Besides showing important information such as the IP address and the computer's name, this tool displays more. You can find this information on the desktop of your computer easily. When you add the Desktop page, your favorite computer can be edited to show just what you want it to show. Users are responsible for the system itself.friendly and understandable.
In the background of your desktop, you can view information about your Windows PC, such as the IP address, your computer name, and the service pack information. By placing BGInfo into your startup folder, you can keep up-to-date and accurate system information. Ensure that the long-term benefits of doing business are preserved.As running systems are calculated based on a regular schedule, you can use either Windows Scheduler or BGInfo.
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