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The ultimate free VPN service for your Internet browsing.

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Betternet is a simple and, most importantly, completely free software solution that will help you change your IP address, thus making you anonymous on the network. The goal of this article is to give you a general overview of a typical VPN client while giving you an easier way to customize it. All data sent from a prepaid server to this page is not needed from the user. simply have to open the application, click on the "Connect" button, and the VPN will be connected to your computer right away. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the country of the server here, Betternet will connect you to the least "downloaded" one available at the moment. In general, the impossibility to choose the country of connection is the only restriction that distinguishes this program from paid analogues.

In addition to the desktop client, Betternet is also available as plugins for Firefox and Google Chrome. By adding a suffix, the application works in the same way it is built. One button is all it takes to connect and disconnect. The device does not claim to achieve speed or stability. By using video services with regional restriction as well, you can ensure that even if you aren't using your "real" IP address it won't be too tough to work with them. In other words, Betternet has no downsides - as you can see. In addition to offering a mobile platform, the program is available through Internet access.

- The free version lets you use the VPN, have it connected to your computer immediately and work with it without registering!;

- uses this feature for the purpose of anonymity on the network, allowing you to use services that are not available through regions that have restrictions;

- Your private internet connection is the quickest and cheapest way to reach any "free" server rn to the most "free" server on your own;

- Available for Firefox and Chrome; The function is free.

- A high speed of connection is provided;

- Neither does the company collect nor maintain the data ll parties;

- doesn't require registration.

Betternet 3.7.4 (10.17 MB)
Betternet 3.10.0 (10.18 MB)
Betternet 4.3.3 (8.17 MB)
Free IP address change via Betternet can be done anywhere and at any time. Due to the technology advancements, people seek out companies like Betternet that help them mask their IP and mask their important information. Even at a high price, we give you peace of mind.
Easy to use, this tool is useful for enhancing your privacy online as well as preventing third parties from tracking your activity. You won't need to pay for the VPN, which is the biggest advantage of VPN services. An additional advantage of this product is that registration is not necessary.
In spite of the fact that two essential features are missing (ex:), this site remains accessible. While Betternet doesn't offer live streaming, it's an excellent source of VPNs regardless of its target audience.
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